Harp Lessons|The most popular music school for learning the harp

✔Students include adults or children

✔Suitable for adult students of different ages to enroll.

✔ After completing the 2-month basic course, you can improvise basic music

✔This course is designed for students who have never learned the harp.

✔ Tailor-made suitable learning content and progress for students, including playing posture, fingering application, basic notation, music theory knowledge, etc.

✔The course is taught in a simple way. After completing the course, students can play simple folk songs or popular songs.

Harp Q&A

What are the main types of harps?

There are two types of harps - Pedal Harp and Lever Harp .

Usually at an orchestra or hotel banquet Most of the harps seen in the hall are Pedal Harp . The number of strings varies from 40 to 47 , and the height ranges from 170 to 190 cm. It uses the pedal to change the key. 

Another harp is Lever Harp, the number of its string from the bar 20 to 40 is not And the like, may be less than a height of 100 cm Lap Harp (adult lap may playing ) , or up to about 160 cm (40- line harp ) . The price is more popular, there are also several thousand yuan cheaper, and the most expensive is about $40,000 . This harp has no pedals, and changes the key manually in chromatic keys.

Which harp should I choose for beginners ?

Beginners usually selected number of strings and less than the price affordable Lever Harp, Lever Harp because of relatively simple way of redeployment, piano Yijiao lightweight, making easier for beginners to master.

Grading harp publicly one to two retries are no breakdown of Lever Harp and Pedal Harp;

The examination range from Level 3 to Level 8 is divided into Pedal Harp and Non-Pedal Harp ( ie Lever Harp) , in other words, Lever Harp can also be used until Level 8. ( Royal Academy of Music Examination of three to eight, the number of string Lever Harp requires a minimum of 34)

However, most students choose to switch to Pedal Harp after grades 4 and 5, because Pedal Harp has a more comprehensive playing style and more difficult playing skills. However, some students still choose to take the Lever Harp exam to Level 8.

Is the harp only for women?

Most people think that the harp has a beautiful tone, elegant and noble appearance, and gives people a very feminine feeling. Do any boys actually play the harp?

In fact, many foreign harpists have long been male. They are tall and have long hands. When playing some music with wider intervals, they have an advantage over women!

However, the Centre also has male students. In fact, the harp is suitable for students of different ages and genders to play. Just like Kung Fu, a masculine sport, it is also suitable for women to participate in.

What is the lifespan of a harp? Is it difficult to maintain?

The harp can maintain a long life under normal use, and only need to pay attention to the maintenance:

1. Avoid the sun and rain, or the change of high temperature difference and impact.

2. The body (wooden part) can be rubbed with oil and a fine dry cloth to keep the body bright and clean.

3. Strings, especially gut strings and nylon strings, are consumable materials. If used improperly or in an environment with high temperature and humidity, the strings are more likely to break, so you should reserve an extra set of strings. If there is a fault that cannot be easily repaired, you can ask professional technicians to repair it. In addition, the harp should also be tuned regularly to ensure the sound quality of the harp; its tuning method is simpler than that of the piano, and most people can tune their own harp by themselves.

Tutor qualifications

Miss Celia Lau graduated from the Department of Music of the Education University of Hong Kong and became the first registered harp therapist in Hong Kong in 2020.

He has been learning piano since he was 4 years old. He is currently studying with the Italian international jury master Paolo Vario. He has been a piano and music theory tutor since 2007.

The surname Lau is currently active in various Hong Kong shopping malls, religious group activities, charitable group activities and private events performing various piano and harp performances, and has studied piano performance skills at the Italian Conservatory of Music and performed in local public performances.

Liu has studied three major music teaching methods and piano teaching methods, and has studied violin, vocal music, guzheng, guitar and sumo and other instruments.

Harp course content:

  • Introduction to the structure and posture of the harp
  • Right and left hand coordination, finger and endurance training
  • Know fingerings, scales and practice with different accompaniment methods
  • A variety of different fingering, sweeping skills
  • Tuning Skills
  • Teaching music theory knowledge and reading score training
  • Multiple rhythm training
  • improvisation practice
  • Singing and ear training
  • Harp daily maintenance
  • Know different beat sweeping methods
  • Analyze and study song composition and structure