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Wedding Band Performance and Sound Services

Feiteng's service is tailor-made for customers,

Select the most suitable musicians and corresponding sound services

Services include wedding banquets, corporate
banquets, outdoor events and more

According to the needs of different occasions, put forward the most personal suggestions to create the best occasion atmosphere

In terms of venue audio, customers do not need to worry,

Our professional team delivers all kinds of musical instruments and audio equipment to customers on time

Customers can specify the music style , or we can provide professional advice according to the venue and the nature of the proposed banquet

Case (2015-Sep Wedding Dinner, 4-piece Band, Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong, 30 Wai)

Newcomer requirements:

1. During most of the dinner time, I hope to create an elegant atmosphere of a continental dinner,

2. At the same time, do not want the music to be too loud or too intense.

3. I hope to add a happy music Live Show about half an hour in the middle

4. insert the middle half-hour episodes groom singing performances, but also need to have the same field four brothers and friends, etc. accompaniment

(In the photo, brothers and friends are performing a chorus, and we will provide 5 additional chancel speakers for the audience )

5. Before the groom performs the plot, the designated Live Band will play a song from slow to fast, which needs to cooperate with the MC to create an atmosphere of surprise

6. The groom show the situation after the holiday, specify Live Band playing a ditty, with the MC, controlled atmosphere of excitement, to calm down slowly, and finally in the context of classical music, creating a warm and touching scenes

Standard Jazz Band tracks (30 for dinner):

Fly Me to the Moon
The Days of Wine and Roses
The Shadow of Your Smile
Girl from Ipanema
Over the Rainbow
Alice in Wonderland (3 beats)
Body and Soul
There will never be another you
My little Suede Shoes
Watermelon Man (Funky)
This Masquerade
All of Me
St. Thomas
Moon River
Take 5
Take the A Train
Satin Doll
Just Friends
How Insensitive
Blue Bossa
Black Orpheus
Beautiful Love
autumn leaves
As time Goes by
All the Things you are
Stella by Starlight
Billie's Bounce
Yardbird Suite
Donna Lee
What is the thing call Love
Lullaby of Birdland
One Note Samba
Au Privave

Cost Price List (Standard Jazz Package):

(3 hour performance, with sound system)

Standard Jazz Band 3 people:

Jazz Piano x 1 - $2000

Saxophone x 1 - $2000

Drummer x 1 $2000

Musical Instrument Hi-Fi Rental:

Bose Speaker with Amp x 2 - $1000

Bose Bass Amp x 1 - $1000

Taye Drum Set x 1 - $1000

Mic with Stand x 3 - $1000

Roland Speaker with Amp x 1 - $1000

Sound Engineer x 1 - $2000

Audio Apprentice x 1 - $1000

Musical instrument audio shipping:

5.5 ton truck, round trip, including handling - $1880

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