Fast track popular piano classical piano course

(one to one or two people together)

Course objectives:
✔ You can choose the kind of music according to the students' personal interests,Tailor madeCourses for
✔ After 2 months, you can play piano, pop music or classical music in real time
✔ Hand coordination, chord, improvisation without music, playing change, playing and singing by oneself
✔ Available atKwun TongTeaching center orMong KokHead office, Kwun Tong teaching center with Kawai ge-10
The purpose of fast becoming popular piano is to teach students how to play popular piano music quickly
  • The core of the course is divided into two stages,8+8 A total of 16 weeks.
  • Most students can play or sing basic pop songs in about 8 weeks.

    ✔The course is developed by Feiteng music (Hong Kong) and is the first innovative course in the market.
    ✔The total number of courses is 16. You can choose to enroll in half a course (8 courses) or the whole course (16 courses)

    ✔Excellent student works have the opportunity to be promoted on the website of piano company, Facebook and other platforms with the second largest traffic in Hong Kong
    Course time:
    ✔2 months | 8 halls | 60 minutes
    ✔Once a week

    In order to motivate students to learn music well, we should first make them enjoy playing music
    Make them play a song.
    With interest and motivation, students can get twice the result with half the effort in the process of learning musical instruments
    This course eliminates the boring teaching of common piano companies and children using the same piano book

      attend class;class beginsdate

      • One to one piano class, flexible appointment time.

        Musical instrument arrangement:

        • Free musical instruments in class
        • Kawai ge-10 is used for teaching
        • The recommended electronic organ isYamaha E363 $1988
        • The bank also sells them

        (2018最新)YAMAHA PSR-E363 | 61key電子琴keyboard

        Q:How to sign up

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         Bank excessWhatsap input paper

        - pay in person at Mong Kok store

        - Whatsap 96262136 Ivan Sir query course vacancy




        • C. A.s.h. member of Hong Kong Composers and lyricists Association
        • ABRSM Royal College of music grade 8 piano ATCL
        • ABRSM Royal College of music grade 8 piano
        • Trinity grade 8 guitar, Trinity Conservatory of music, London, UK
        • ABRSM Royal College of music grade 8 Saxophone (distinction)
        • ABRSM Royal College of music grade 8 Clarinet (merit)
        • More than 15 years of full-time experience in teaching music and leading orchestras


        Course website:

        Lesson 1: Piano and song writing –What & How

        (a)Concept of pop piano,chord and scales
        (b)Improvisation,solo writing concept
        Lesson 2: Theory–Key & Note
        (a)Correlate the Keys with the Note C,A,G on the staff.
        (b)Rhythmic value of half,quarter notes and Rest.
        Lesson 3:
        Correlate note C,G,Am,F on the Staff
        Song“Canon in C”
        Lesson 4
        Time Signature 3/4,4/4
        song“Ode to Joy,jingle bell”
        Lesson 5
        Corrlate note F# on the Staff
        G Major Scale
        song“Happy birthday to you”
        Lesson 6-7

        Play along with backing track
        Solo writing concept

        Lesson 8-9
        Song "fairy tale"
        High tone notes
        Writing song melody 

        Lesson 10-11
        Song“Over the rainbow”in C major
        Major and minor key signature 
        Chord structure,chord progressions in song writing

        Lesson 12-13
        Song“Fly me to the moon”in C major
        Writing solo for songs

        Lesson 14-15
        Write your own song
        Composing melody with chord progressions

        Lesson 16

        Adult popular piano classtuition:

        One person class (2 months)$2980 / 8 halls / 60min

        One person class (4 months)$3980 / 16 halls / 60min

        Two people go together (self-organized, 2 months)$1788 / 8 halls / 60min (per person)

        Two persons in the same group (self-organized, 4 months)$2388 / 16 halls / 60min (per person)