British Rock School piano class debut certificate course

✔ Courses are designed for children aged 7-11 (Primary 2~Primary 6)

✔ The first Rock School Piano multiplayer basic course, making piano playing more fun

✔ Obtained the debut certificate issued by the British Rock School and obtained international certification

✔ Take the Rock School exam course as a blueprint and join the vivid teaching materials developed by Flight Music

✔ After completing the course, students can not only play exam songs, but also learn the techniques in songs and play other songs

✔Take classes in a class system to train children to adapt to group life and build personal self-confidence

✔ 4-12 people per class

✔ You can flexibly join the class, and you can complete the course within 3 months

✔Through comprehensive music training, you can cultivate children's music accomplishment and explore their musical potential.

✔Public performance opportunities , outstanding students have the opportunity to represent Flight Music to participate in the 2020 International Music Festival in Japan

✔ Lay a good foundation for learning piano or other musical instruments in the future

✔Training children's concentration, attention and patience

✔ The debut certificate exam contains 6 popular pop songs:

Knockin' On Heaven's Door

Ain't No Sunshine

I'm Yours

Ho Hey

Eleanor Rigby

Stand By Me

Course system:

✔The course is 6 months in total, with a total of 24 lessons.

✔12 lessons in the first semester, 12 lessons in the next semester

✔After completing the entire course, our school can apply for the Rock School debut exam for students

✔Upgradable to apply for Rock School courses from 1 to 8 levels

Class once a week, one hour each time

Instructor qualifications:

Lancaster University-BA(hon) in Music Techology

✔ The course director is the father of 3 children and the tutor of interest classes in elementary and middle school day schools, effectively managing the classroom order

More than 20 years of full-time experience in teaching music and leading orchestras, the cumulative number of students has exceeded 50,000

Days in class:

Mong Kok Store:

Sunday-11:00 am  12:00 noon

Sunday-4:00 pm ~ 5:00 pm

Rainbow Store:

Sunday-11:00 am  12:00 noon

Sunday-4:00 pm ~ 5:00 pm

There are also one -to-one and group courses from Monday to Saturday, and appointments are welcome.


✔ $1980 for 3 months last semester.

✔ $1980 for 3 months in the next semester.

✔The course includes the cost of teaching materials

✔The course does not include examination fees and examination book fees (if applicable)

One to One (The following is 1 class time, 4 classes a month):

time 30 mins 45 mins 60 mins
Debut (Basic Certificate) 130 180 230
Grade 1 150 200 250
Grade 2
165 220 280
Grade 3
/ 235 290
Grade 4
/ 260 310
Grade 5
/ 280 330
Grade 6
/ 300 360
Grade 7
/ 320 390
Grade 8
/ 335 430
/ / 550