HK$2,988.00  HK$3,988.00

NUX STAGEMAN AC50 箱琴 木結他 音箱


STAGEMAN AC50旨在準確地再現您的原聲吉他和人聲的自然的聲音。前控制面板具有兩個相同的信道並且兩者都為麥克風和吉他輸入分別優化。雙輸入通道,在NUX STAGEMAN吉他放大器,為您提供小型音樂會或錄音棚錄音,甚至更多的選擇。


STAGEMAN的合唱和混響效果可以單獨在任的2通道的設置。器械通道合唱是美味的老式合唱具有平滑振動和混響效果(板混響2樣式),其可以在1之間的低級別的短衰變混響效果撥入- 5和高級別短衰變混響實現5之間-參數10。麥克風通道合唱也是一個老式合唱-但較少的振動。它的混響效果是最好的內置廳混響,你可以找到一個。它擁有超潔淨反射打算讓你感受到一個精心設計的音樂廳。

Elevated Features

Stageman AC50 is designed to accurately reproduce the natural sound of your acoustic guitar and vocals. The front control panel has 2 identical channels and both are optimized for microphones and acoustic guitar inputs respectively. The dual-input channels, on the NUX Stageman acoustic guitar amplifier, provide you with even more options for small gigs or studio recording.

Stageman’s chorus and reverb effects can be set individually on either of the 2 channels.  The Instrument Channel chorus is a tasty vintage chorus with a smooth vibration and reverb effect ( plate reverb with 2 styles ) which you can dial-in at low-level short-decay reverb effect between 1 - 5 and high-level short-decay reverb effect between 5 - 10 parameters.  The Mic Channel chorus is also a vintage chorus--but with less vibration.  Its reverb effect is one of the best built-in hall reverbs you can find. It has super clean reflections intended to let you feel the architecture of a well-designed concert hall.

Stageman has flexible outputs for both stage and recording applications, and is designed for your interface needs.  XLR DI output and Line output jack can be used as an analog audio-out for recording or sending to a monitor.  To accentuate your customized sound, Send/Return FX Loop inputs interface with any of your essential effects gear.

It’s never easy to find the ideal speakers for instrument amplifiers, especially for the acoustic instruments. After hundreds of times of trying speakers from different suppliers, we eventually decided to customize our own speakers to capture the exact sound we wanted.   We triumphed by combining two refined speakers ( one: 1 inch tweeter and one: 6.5 inch woofer ) into Stageman’s cabinet.  Equipped with this creative 2-way high-sensitivity speaker system, Stageman delivers incredible sound dynamics. To top it off, our cabinet design features a beveled-angle carefully calculated to provide optimal live sound monitoring.

Stageman’s EQ and Effects offer a wide range of dynamic controls and, with the 2-way high-sensitivity speakers, you get on-the-fly studio quality sound, and the exact tone you need with the turn of a dial.

Both the Stageman App and Bluetooth Control Pedal are custom-designed to give you wireless versatility wherever you play. They’re also the keys to unlock Stageman’s hidden features:  20 banks of well-selected Drum sequences, a 40 Loop Station, and unlimited Overdubs.
( Stageman App is currently available on the APP Store. Bluetooth control pedal is an optional accessory. )