【Noise upstairs】The final and only solution 【2023 Hong Kong Residential Chapter】


Residential upstairs noise is a type of structure-borne noise that is caused byresonance effectcaused by.

When audio travels through an object, the object resonates, causing noise.

In residential buildings, this resonance is due to the phenomenon that noise from the upper floors is transmitted through the structure of the building to the rooms on the lower floors.

However, installing soundproof ceilings cannot effectively solve this problem.

Because structure-borne noise is caused by the structure of the entire building, not just the ceiling.

Therefore, installing a soundproof ceiling can only reduce a small amount of noise, but it cannot completely eliminate it.

The only effective solution is the "room within a room" approach.

This approach involves separating the structure of a building to prevent the transmission of noise through structural vibrations.

A room within a room can be implemented in two ways:

1. Room decoration in soundproof room

This method is very expensive and time-consuming, and is often used in concert halls and theaters.

2. Modular house within a house

Millions of renovations can be solved with tens of thousands of yuan,Click the link for reference

In short, the noise problem in residential buildings is caused by the resonance effect. The installation of soundproof ceilings cannot solve this problem. The only effective solution is the "room within a room".

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