[Noise from upstairs] Three effective solutions [2024 Hong Kong Residential Edition]

Like everyone else, Ivan has been troubled by noise problems since he was in middle school. Later, for this reason, he became interested in sound.

There are only three ways to solve it

After more than 20 years of attempts (including legal approaches) and testing, it has been concluded that only three methods can actually solve the problem:

1. House within a house project (~$300,000, 30 days)

2. Soundproof cabin (~$50,000, 1 day)

3. Ena sleep earplugs (~$100, instant) (the simplest and most effective, it is recommended to try it first)

Cause of noise upstairs

  • First, we need to understand how this noise is formed.
  • The noise from upstairs and downstairs in residential buildings is a kind of structure noise, which is caused by the resonance effect .
  • When audio propagates in an object, the object will cause resonance, causing resonance ringing effect.
  • This resonance is caused by noise from the upper floors being transmitted to the rooms below through the structure of the building.

(The following is a video that helped Mandarin Oriental Hotel solve the resonance effect earlier)

Common Mistakes

  • Installing a soundproof ceiling or installing sound-absorbing cotton on the ceiling or walls cannot effectively solve this problem.
  • Sound insulation refers to blocking sound before it enters the building structure.
  • When sound enters the building structure, it will form structural noise (Impact Noise)
  • Emitted by the resonance of the entire building, not just the ceiling.
  • Therefore, installing a soundproof ceiling can only reduce a very small amount of noise, but it cannot completely eliminate it.

The only effective engineering practice

  • At the engineering level, the only effective solution is the "house within a house" approach.
  • This method involves separating the structure of a building to prevent noise from being transmitted through structural vibrations.

(The following is a room within a room that earlier assisted the Tesla Gigafactory in Shanghai to establish a parts testing room)

Two ways to realize a house within a house

1. House within a house project

  • Expensive and time-consuming, often used in concert halls and theaters.
  • A 100-foot room costs about 300,000, but it is beautiful and effective

2. Modular room within a room (soundproof cabin)

  • relatively cheap, The cost is less than RMB 100,000 and can be installed in one day.
  • Not beautiful, not every house has enough space

In short, at the engineering level, the noise problem in residential buildings is caused by the resonance effect. Installing soundproof ceilings cannot solve this problem. The only effective solution is the "room within a room" method.

Alternative Method – Ena Sleep Plugs

  • The simplest and cheapest method is also the method Ivan uses now.
  • There are two types of earplugs, rubber and silicone.
  • Rubber earplugs such as 3M are designed for industrial use, so they are not suitable.

(The picture below shows Ena earplugs. No coloring materials are added, so they will not be sensitive to coloring materials)

The only earplugs on the market that solve all problems

The hardness (density) of silicone is too high, making it uncomfortable and even impossible to insert.

  • Earplugs can be very sound-isolating (more than 30dB)
  • But it is very hard and cannot be inserted at all, or it may cause earache.
  • The first condition for sleeping earplugs is that they can fit in without causing earache.

Will fall out during training

  • If it's too hard or too soft, it will fall out.
  • Suddenly woke up with a loud bang, and couldn't return from the training

Expensive, but repeated use can cause ear inflammation

  • Many earplugs claim to be washable and reusable, but they become very soft after washing.
  • If you don’t wash it, your ears will get sores and you can’t reuse them at all.

(The picture below shows the Ena earplugs after being squeezed by hand and can be held into any shape)

We are real users

Ena earplugs came about because there was no earplug on the market that met our requirements.

The earplugs have been accompanying Ivan every night for more than 10 years. When traveling for business, the first thing I check is whether there is anything missing.

The hardness is just right and it can isolate 23 Db.


Some people are born with clairvoyance, some have an uncanny sense of smell , and some have sensitive hearing.

In the ancient hunting era, Hearing is a natural talent. But in cities, we become victims of noise.

This is Ivan’s summary of more than 20 years. Technology is changing with each passing day. If you have new methods, please leave a message below to communicate and create a more peaceful and beautiful world together.

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