(2021 latest) ROLAND TD-17KVX electronic drum


HK$14,980.00  HK$21,980.00

Japan's latest release,Roland Home practice drum TD17K three combinations:

TD-17K-L-S (Introductory)

TD-17KV-S (Mid-Order)

TD-17KVX (Premium)


Global launch event Total Drums has released the new TD-17 series, TD-25KVX and TD-50KVX drums.


The first TD-17K-L to be listed on the Japanese market. It's a set of home exercises, recordings, stage performances of electric drums, especially powerful and professional practice functions. If you've made up your mind to be a drummer, TD-17K-L will be your choice.


Excellent sound source

The TD-17-L source is derived from the source of Roland's flagship TD-50. It uses Prismatic Sound Modeling technology, which means that every detail you play is captured precisely.

Once you start playing, you can feel a wider range of force controls, as well as strong changes in tone, depending on where you hit and how you hit it. Continue playing and start using a variety of playing techniques, including stepping on the half-open position and different sounds on the surface and edges.

You'll find that the sound of a thumping even depends on whether it hits once or multiple times in a rowDifferent。 No matter how you play, you'll feel comfortable on TD-17-L:


Real playing feel 
Although the TD-17K-L is very compact, its performance is professional.


In addition to the configuration of PDX-8, PD-8A and other Roland's award-winning percussion board, the position and angle of each percussion board can be fully adjusted, the distance between the percussion board and the drummer can always maintain a very similar distance from the use of traditional drums, so that you will not be moved by the long-term use of electric drum practice and the sound of the original drum:


Professional and efficient skills developmentArtifact

1. Enhance your sense of rhythm
Time Check mode improves the accuracy of your tracks as you play with your beats. The number of precise hits is displayed as a percentage, and the screen indicates whether you hit the drum pad accurately, faster than or slower than the beat. If you practice regularly, time-to-time detection can be invaluable in helping to improve your sense of rhythm.


2. Fine-tuning your self-time value perception Quet Count mode helps to improve the feeling of time and speed within your body. In the first few sections, the metronometer sounds at the specified volume, and in the next few sections, the metronut will be silent. In silent sections, you need to keep pace with your beats based on your inner sense of time, and make sure that the beats are consistent when they resume. The more the "metronometer" in your heart is used, the more powerful you will become.

3. Effective warm-up procedures become simpler
Warm Up mode makes your daily practice more enjoyable, which means you'll be more likely to achieve your practice goals. Choose to warm up for five, ten, or fifteen minutes, with different difficulty, and then choose the speed.

Through a series of exercises, you'll be ready for a real drumming session that includes changes in rhythmic types, changes in speed, and an assessment of the accuracy of your performance. Eventually, you'll get a comprehensive score to help you understand what needs to be improved:


Use a larger 12-inch double-mesh military drum to increase drum control and correct playing skills
The VH-10 pedal, which conforms to the laws of natural motion, has an on/off detection function that helps you learn to step on the pedal control
Inherit the natural, rich and dynamic drumming of the flagship TD-50 sound engine
Use the KD-10 bottom drum blow pad to learn expressive foot control and pedal skills
Two pendants and expanded possibilities to support your individual playing style and performance
As part of the coach mode, improve your sense of time with Time Check and Quiet Count (Beat Mute).
The warm-up menu provides basic daily practice procedures to help you make progress
Choose from 50 high-quality default drum groups that match the music or style you play
Adjust the spatial reverb of each drum set to match the performance venue
-Custom preset drum set to match your favorite drum sound
Import your own samples to get the drums that go with the original recording
Watch a video lesson on your smartphone and follow it, and the audio can be output via Bluetooth-connected headphones
Download the Melodics for V-Drums software (PC/Mac) for free to develop your expressiveness and sense of time


TD-17KV configuration:

  • TD-17 sound engine based on the TD-50 for natural, rich and dynamic drum sounds
  • Bluetooth audio streaming
  • New PDX-12 12” Snare
  • New VH-10 stand mountable Hi-Hat
  • New Series KD-10 kick for expressive foot control
  • COACH mode for essential learning features
  • 50 premium preset drum kit sounds
  • Ambience adjustable
  • Free to download “Melodics for V-drums” software (PC or Mac)
  • Fully adjustable rack (lefty friendly)

Kit includes:

Sound module (TD-17), Snare (PDX-12), 3 Toms (PDX-8), Hi-hat (VH-10), 2 Crashes (CY-12C), Ride (CY-13R), Kick (KD-10), Stand (MDS-4KVX)

PriceIncludedDrum chairs, drum sticks, pedals.

Size and Weight

(including Sound module, Kick pad, Kick pedal、Cymbals and Drum throne)

Width 1,300 mm
51-3/16 inches

Depth 1,100 mm
43-5/16 inches

Height 1,200 mm
47-1/4 inches

Weight 21.9 kg
48 lbs 5 oz



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