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(2024 latest) ROLAND TD-17KVX electronic drum

(2024 latest) ROLAND TD-17KVX electronic drum

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Product Details:

  • The Roland TD-17KVX is a high-quality electronic drum kit that provides an authentic playing experience and excellent tone performance.
  • The TD-17 sound module uses Prismatic Sound Modeling technology to provide a wider dynamic range and dramatic timbre changes, accurately presenting every detail and a smooth playing experience regardless of the position and intensity of the drum head.
  • The TD-17 module has a variety of built-in high-quality preset sets suitable for various professional music scenes. Whether you are playing folk, rock or studio music, the TD-17 can meet your needs.
  • The KD-10 Kick Pad is uniquely designed to absorb most of the impact noise while still meeting people's needs for an authentic kick drum sound. It is also compatible with all standard single and double pedals.
  • The TD-17 module also has a Coach mode to support your daily practice, help you improve your rhythm, speed and accuracy, and track your progress through scoring.
  • With Bluetooth audio, you can wirelessly stream music from your smartphone and listen to your entire performance through headphones. You can also record your performance to better improve it.
  • Roland V-Drums are known for their rugged reliability, with every component engineered to handle a variety of scenarios and performances. You can also expand your TD-17KVX kit by adding additional crash cymbals or a second snare drum.

Product specifications:

  • Audio module: TD-17
  • Kick drum pad: KD-10 (x1)
  • Bass drum pad: PDX-12 (x1)
  • Head pad: PDX-8 (x3)
  • Treble cymbal pad: CY-12C (x2)
  • Drum riding pad: CY-13R (x1)
  • Hi-hat pad: VH-10 (x1)
  • Control hi-hat pad: FD-9 (x1)
  • Bracket: MDS-9SC
  • Output/Headphone Jack: Stereo Mini Headphone Jack
  • Mixing jack: Stereo mini headphone jack
  • USB computer port: USB Type B
  • Trigger input connector: DB-25 type (Kick, Snare, Tom 1, Tom 2, Tom 3, Hi-hat, Crash 1, Crash 2, Ride, Hi-hat control)
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