(2021) Yueyao Workshop ENA EN-16 39 inch wooden guitar


HK$798.00  HK$998.00

ENA Factory's brand Yueyao Gongfang will launch the beginner guitar in 2021. The beginner ENA16, 39 inches in size, is easy and small.

Whether it is a boy or a fine-grained girl, it can be easily controlled .

In Hong Kong, even the most authentic Huang Xiahui endorsement was found.

The neck and strings are both slim design, suitable for Asian hands, easy to play, and more suitable for playing.

Guitar configuration

Neck: Japanese Nadu wood
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Bridge: Rosewood
Chord length 541mm
Matte finish
Item 20
Color: Log products

Included: piano bag, Pick

Size: 39-inch cutaway guitar

Panel: Zebra wood panel

Book plate: zebra wood panel

Hemming: Fraxinus mandshurica

Qin Zhen: Plastic Steel

Panel edging: wood five lines

Xian Niu: Nickel fully enclosed standard

Ring flower: carved sound hole

Strings: folk guitar strings

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