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(2022) Yue Ye Gongfang ENA EN-16 39 Inch Wooden Guitar

(2022) Yue Ye Gongfang ENA EN-16 39 Inch Wooden Guitar

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ENA Factory's brand Yueya Gongfang will launch a novice guitar in 2022. The beginner ENA16 is easy and compact in size of 39 inches.

Whether it is a boy or a fine-grained girl, it can be easily controlled .

In Hong Kong, the most authentic Huang Xiahui was found to endorse.

The neck and strings are designed with a small body, which is suitable for Asian hands, easy to play, and more suitable for playing.

guitar configuration

Neck: Japanese Nato wood
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Bridge: Rosewood
Chord length 541mm
Number 20
Color: original wood products

Included: piano bag, Pick

Size: 39 inch cutaway guitar

Panel: Zebra wood panel

Bottom book panel: Zebra wood panel

Binding: Ash wood

Vibrator: plastic steel

Panel edging: wood five wire

String girl: nickel fully enclosed

Ring Flower: Sculpted Sound Hole

Strings: Acoustic Guitar Strings

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