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(Available in Hong Kong in 2022) NUX DM-4 Electronic Drum Premium Kit

(Available in Hong Kong in 2022) NUX DM-4 Electronic Drum Premium Kit

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NUX DM-4 Electronic Drum DIGITAL DRUM KIT Premium Kit

Premium Kit already includes the following accessories:

Mes HP205 Kick Pedal

Mes Drum Chair

DM-4 Electronic Drum Kit

DM-4 is a professional electronic drum designed by NUX for drummers. It has built-in 232 kinds of French DREAM ultra-real drum sound sources, a simple operating system, and can customize the editing sound library to restore the most real drum sound sources for you. All triggers are velocity-sensitive, and the drum pads can be parameterized via triggers, ensuring the most perfect percussive response. There are also four built-in coaching functions, real-time recording function, drum kit adding effects and other functions. DM-4 is your best choice whether it is used as a recording performance or a practice rehearsal.


●Built-in 232 kinds of French DREAM ultra-real drum sound source. The ultra-real dynamic response makes the expressive more abundant.

●50 sets of drum sets, 25 sets of system presets, 25 sets of user settings. Easy installation and space saving, stable bracket can prevent crosstalk interference.

●Support custom editing sound library, simple operating system.

●USB port supports USB flash drive audio playback and USB-MIDI.

●Built-in coach function helps you improve your learning and playing skills




twenty two


Dot matrix + icon

drum kit

50 drum kits (25 preset drum kits, 25 user drum kits)

drum music

20 drum songs, can play MIDI songs through SD card (support loop/non-loop mode playback, you can set to eliminate drum sounds, adjust the background volume))


10 groups


Editable metronome tone, beat, rhythm, tempo, volume

MIDI function

USB-MIDI, automatic computer recognition

external memory

Support SD card, can play MIDI files through SD card, support FORMAT0/FORMAT1 format


3TOM (single trigger), 1SNARE (dual trigger), 1HIHAT (dual trigger, only support mute), 2CRASH (dual trigger), 1RIDE (dual trigger)


Headphone jack, power jack, USB MIDI, SD, AUX IN, OUTPUT

power supply

DC 9V external positive and internal negative


1x module
1x 11” snare 1x 9” tom
1x 9” kick 3x 12” cymbal
1x 14” ride
1x stand
Headphones, USB MIDI, SD Card, AUX IN, OUTPUTS
Power Supply
AC Adaptor (DC 9V)
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