(2022 Featured) Roland RP-102 Digital Piano


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ROLAND RP102 Digital Piano

roland rp102 digital piano electronic organ

Realistic piano performance, modern wireless connection function

When it comes to choosing a piano, it's important to find an instrument that fits your style, budget, and space. The Roland RP102 compact body combines real piano performance with built-in practice aids.

roland rp102 digital piano electronic organ

It's powered by technology from our award-winning premium pianos, including a gorgeous, player-friendly keyboard that delivers an engaging sound and touch that will accompany you as you continue your musical learning journey. With its streamlined shape and three foot pedals, the RP102 provides the look of a traditional upright piano with an elegant texture suitable for any style of home space.

The advanced performance of the RP102 fits perfectly into your modern lifestyle. It requires no tuning or regular maintenance, and has built-in Bluetooth ® technology to connect to a smartphone or tablet for a more fun learning experience right away.

You can connect this piano wirelessly to Roland's free Piano Partner 2 app to view digital scores, use interactive accompaniment rhythms, and access features not available on the panel. The RP102 is a great value piano that will provide you with years of musical pleasure.

  • High-quality piano expression and built-in practice aids in this affordable compact body
  • The best choice for the family's first piano, also suitable for music classrooms, piano rooms, and other music education
  • Leading the Bluetooth connection function, wireless connectivity music music apps on smartphones and tablet
  • The exclusive Roland Piano Partner 2 app provides easy access to advanced piano controls and features for education, entertainment and performance
  • SuperNATURAL Piano technology delivers the tone and authentic response of a traditional grand piano
  • PHA-4 Standard keyboard, with delicate sensing technology, high performance expressiveness
  • Three-flap pedal, using metal structure to show the real feel of a real piano pedal
  • Over 200 built-in songs, including traditional, classical, and important etudes
  • Digitally modern design eliminates the cost of regular tuning and other maintenance
  • Beautiful black body for a traditional look and compact size

  • Sit on the piano chair and enjoy a pleasant practice time

    The RP102 is equipped with moving music that you can enjoy anytime at home. More than 200 built-in songs can be played at any time, including traditional music, classical masterpieces by composers such as Mozart and Beethoven, and piano etudes by Hanon and Cherny, which are essential for beginners. The built-in handy metronome can change the time signature and is an important tool for you to develop an accurate sense of beat. When inspiration strikes late at night, you can plug in your headphones without worrying about disturbing your family or neighbors, and immerse yourself in a world full of beautiful music sound. When you and a teacher or a friend want to play side by side, you can activate the Twin Piano mode, which splits the keyboard into two 44-key pianos with a center C tone in both zones.

  • The fun-filled Piano Partner 2 makes your studies more productive

    Roland's free Piano Partner 2 app for iOS and Android mobile devices is the perfect companion for the RP102. Through the Bluetooth wireless Bluetooth connection, it can be on your mobile screen, display the scores of your built-in piano music, auto-flip when the song is playing. You can mute the left-hand or right-hand part for one-handed practice, and adjust the tempo at will. This app also provides accompaniment rhythm and note card games, smart accompaniment and music games to help you develop your musical skills.

  • Smooth and simple operation

    RP102 has a simple and intuitive operation interface, you can easily enjoy the perfect piano sound, just turn on the power, adjust the volume, and you can start playing the piano. If you want to access deeper functions, just bring up the Piano Partner 2 app on your favorite mobile device. On this app, you can choose from different piano sounds, as well as other tones, or even layer two sounds together to play. In addition, you can browse the piano's built-in music library, select songs, and adjust the playback speed value.

  • Real timbre and touch keys, accompany you all the way to learn the piano

    Offering piano sounds and touches from Roland's premium digital pianos, the RP102 will continue to inspire your musical abilities as you progress. Our SuperNATURAL technology delivers the full, emotional sound of a traditional grand piano, and the built-in speakers will make the sound linger throughout the hall space. The PHA-4 Standard keyboard features a progressive hammer mechanism and ivory-like keys on top-of-the-line pianos, with built-in advanced sensing technology to fully exploit SuperNATURAL Piano's broad tonal performance. The piano's three-lobed metal pedals have a realistic pedal feel, allowing you to apply half-pedal control expressions. Such pedal skills are usually only needed when interpreting more advanced piano pieces, and such equipment is even more rare on entry-level pianos that generally only use simpler switch pedals.

  • No need for regular maintenance burden, does not occupy home space

    Traditional pianos are heavy, expensive to maintain, and take up a lot of home space. The Roland RP102 solves these problems for you. The weight of the piano body is only 37.8 kg, which can be easily moved by two adults. The piano body that does not take up space is only about the width of a 60-inch TV. In addition, the digital sound engine never needs to be tuned, saving not only time but also money. If you already own a traditional piano, the RP102 is the perfect second instrument for your evening practice in another room. It is also suitable for use in music classrooms and school rooms, making the RP102 an excellent choice for music educators.

88 keys (PHA-4 Standard keyboard: with escapement and ivory feel)
Touch strength
Touch strength: 5 types, fixed
keyboard mode
Full key overlap tone Twin Piano
Sustain pedal (footswitch, with half-pedal detection)
Soft pedal (pedal switch)
Partial Sustain Pedal (Footswitch)
sound source
piano tone
SuperNATURAL piano tone generator
Maximum number of simultaneous voices
128 voices
number of timbres
Piano: 4 Others: 11
Stretched Tuning
1 type (continuously on)
Standard pitch tuning
415.3–466.2 Hz (tuned in 0.1 Hz units)
Key Transpose: -6–+5 (semitone)
Ambience (Off, 10 segments)
Brilliance (paragraph 21)

For piano sounds:
Damper Resonance (continuously on)
String Resonance String Resonance (Continuously On)
Key Off Resonance (continuously on)
Quarter note = 10–500 (when rhythm is on: quarter note = 20–250)
time signature
2/2, 0/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 7/4, 3/8, 6/8, 9/8, 12/8
100 segments
internal memory
built-in song
Listening Songs: 9 Piano Songs: 40 Easy Piano Songs: 8
Czerny: 100 songs
Hanon: 20 Scales: 36
MIDI, sheet music
Bluetooth Ver 4.0
keyboard cover
Other functions
Automatic shut-down
connection terminal
DC In socket
Update Port: USB Type A
Phones jack (can be used as output jack) x 2: Stereo miniature phone type, Stereo 1/4 inch phone type
Use the manual file "Stand Assembly"
AC Transformer Power Cord (for AC Transformer)
Music stand
Optional equipment
Output Power
Output Power
6W x 2
Volume Level (SPL)
99 dB (Measured in accordance with Roland technical standards.)
12 cm (4-3/4 inches) x 2
power supply
power supply
AC transformer
power consumption
4W (3–10W)
4 W: Average power consumption when the volume is set to the center position while the piano is playing
3 W: Power consumption when power is turned on without any performance
10 W: Rated power consumption
Dimensions (including piano stand, and music rest)
1,379 mm
54-5/16 inches
413 mm
16-5/16 inches
38-1/2 inches
Dimensions (including piano stand, without music rest)
1,379 mm
54-5/16 inches
423 mm
16-11/16 inches
32-3/16 inches
Weight (including piano stand)
83 lbs 6 oz
* Actual weight may vary slightly due to wooden part error values.

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