(Newest in 2021) ROLAND TD-17KV Electronic Drum


HK$11,880.00  HK$17,980.00

Japan’s latest release , Roland Three combinations of home practice electronic drum TD17K:

TD-17K-LS (Starter Edition)

TD-17KV-S (Intermediate Edition)

TD-17KVX (Advanced Edition)

Roland held an online global launch event Totally Drums on May 8, and released the new TD-17 series, TD-25KVX and TD-50KVX electronic drums.

The first to be listed on the Japanese market is the TD-17K-L. This is a set of electronic drums that integrates home practice, recording, and stage performances, especially powerful and professional practice functions. If you have made up your mind to become a drummer, TD-17K-L will be your best choice.

Excellent sound source

The sound source of TD-17-L is derived from the sound source of Roland's flagship product TD-50. It uses Prismatic Sound Modeling (prismatic sound analog) technology, which means that every detail of your performance will be accurately captured.

Once you start playing, you can feel a wider range of velocity control, as well as intense timbre changes, depending on the location and method of hitting. Continue to play and begin to use various playing techniques, including the half-open position of the hi-hat and the different sounds of the side and the edge.

You will find that even the sound of Cha times vary depending on the time or hit batter. No matter how you play, you will feel very comfortable on the TD-17-L:


Real playing feel 
Although the TD-17K-L is very compact, its performance is at the professional performance level.

In addition to the PDX-8, PD-8A and other Roland's highly acclaimed pads, the position and angle of each pad can be fully adjusted, but the distance between the pad and the drummer can always be maintained and used with traditional drums The distance is very similar, so that you will not be unfamiliar with the performance of acoustic drums because of long-term use of electric drums:

Professional and efficient skill training artifact

1. Enhance your sense of rhythm
Time Check (time value detection) mode can improve the accuracy when you play with the beat track. The number of precise hits will be displayed as a percentage value, and the screen will indicate whether the time you hit the pads is accurate, faster than the beat or slower than the beat. If you can practice regularly, the help of timing detection to improve the sense of rhythm is immeasurable.

2. Fine-tuning your self-time value Quiet Count (beat silent) mode helps to improve the feeling of time value and speed inside the body. In the first few bars, the metronome sounds at the specified volume, but in the next few bars, the metronome will not sound. In the silent section, you need to keep in sync with the beat according to your inner time value, to ensure that the beat sound is consistent with it when it is restored. The more you use the "metronome" in your mind, the stronger you will become.

3. An effective warm-up program becomes simpler
Warm Up mode can make your daily practice more enjoyable, which means you will be easier to achieve your practice goals. Choose to warm up for five minutes, ten minutes or fifteen minutes, and have different difficulties, and then choose the speed.

Through a series of exercises, you will be ready for a real drumming performance. The exercises include changes in rhythm types, changes in speed, and an assessment of performance accuracy. In the end, you will get a comprehensive score indicating that you understand the areas that need improvement:

・Using a larger 12-inch double-mesh snare drum to improve drumstick control and correct playing skills
・VH-10 Hi-Tat, which conforms to the law of natural movement, and its on/off detection function helps to learn hi-Tat control
・Inherit the natural, rich and dynamic drum sound of the flagship TD-50 sound engine
・Use KD-10 kick pads to learn expressive foot control and pedal techniques
・Two slings and expansion possibilities to support your personal playing style and performance
・As part of the coaching mode, improve your sense of timing through Time Check (time detection) and Quiet Count (beat silence)
・The warm-up menu provides basic daily practice programs to help you make progress
・Choose from 50 high-quality preset drum kits that match the music or style you are playing
・Adjust the spatial reverberation of each drum kit to match the performance venue
・Customize preset drum kits to match your favorite drum sounds
・Import your own samples to get drum sounds that match the original recording
・Watch the video lessons on your smartphone and follow the performance, and the audio can be output via Bluetooth connected earphones
・Free download of "Melodics for V-Drums" software (PC/Mac) to cultivate your expressiveness and sense of time value

TD-17KV configuration:

Drum sound module: TD-17 x 1
Snare: PDX-12 x 1
Tom: PDX-8 x 3
Hi-Hat: CY-5 x 1
Hi-Hat control pedal: FD-9 x 1
Crash: CY-8 x 1
Ride: CY-8 x 1
Kick: KD-10 x 1
Drum Stand: MDS-4V x 1

The price includes drum chairs, drum sticks, and pedals.

Extra trigger input jack2 (CRASH 2, AUX)


Sound module mount
AC adaptor
Special connection cable
Drum key
Knob bolt (for PDX-12)
Setup guide
Owner's manuals

Size and Weight

(including Sound module, Kick pad, Kick pedal、Cymbals and Drum throne)

Width 1,300 mm
51-3/16 inches

Depth 1,100 mm
43-5/16 inches

Height 1,200 mm
47-1/4 inches

Weight 21.9 kg
48 lbs 5 oz


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