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(2022 Black Technology) ENA Sonic All Veneer Solid Wood Built-in Resonance Bakelite Guitar

(2022 Black Technology) ENA Sonic All Veneer Solid Wood Built-in Resonance Bakelite Guitar

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ENA Sonic all veneer solid wood wireless resonance bakelite guitar,

No need to plug in, comes with Delay, Reverb, Chorus and other effects.

In Hong Kong, the most authentic Huang Xiahui was found to endorse.

All solid wood design (ALL SOLID),

That is, regardless of the face, side, and bottom are all made of the same piece of wood .

In order to achieve the most perfect resonance effect, ALL SOLID has certain difficulties in mining and production.

Compared with foreign manufacturers such as Taylor and Martin,

The neck, and strings of Cranberries are made of slim design.

Suitable for Asian hands, easy to play, more suitable for playing.

All solid wood guitars made by ENA Sonic are extremely cost-effective.

In the market, the same price of taylor 214ce dlx, Taylor 210 dlx and other guitars,

Neither is an "all solid wood" design.

And other Japanese factory YAMAHA also rarely produce all solid wood products because of its mass production goal.

The panel adopts Japanese AAA grade spruce solid wood ( all solid wood , All Solid),

Generally, the steel wire guitars on the market need more than 10,000 yuan to use all solid wood.

The sound of Japanese spruce solid wood, the wood has high hardness ,

Produced in Mie Prefecture, Japan, it has a distinct tone and is the most commonly used wood for guitar tops.

The color will gradually darken due to oxidation over time.

(Yamazaki Ryuichi Products) Koshiro Kobo Original All Solid Solid Wood Veneer All Solid Bakelite Guitar

The side panels and bottom plate are all made of Japanese mahogany , which balances the high hardness of the spruce panel.

AAA grade mahogany has strict requirements on texture and density.

It is suitable for presenting overtones and is also good at reconciling the high and low frequencies of the guitar.

Compared with the crisp metallic sound of rosewood, mahogany is woody and warm, with a wood texture .

Added Augustine steel strings.

Augustine is one of the world's top guitar string production workshops, located in New York, USA

Long-lasting sound, comfortable playability, and pitch stability, no one can replace string making technology since 1942.

Although many European handmade pianos are made locally, they require special Augustine strings imported from the United States.

Veneer means that the wood comes from the same wood without adding any miscellaneous wood.

The wood of the panel determines the grade of the guitar, so whether the panel is veneer or plywood, there is a big difference in price.

The purpose of plywood is to reduce the consumption of high-quality wood, and it will be thinly sliced and then added with cheap miscellaneous wood in the middle, so the cost is reduced.

The veneer panel is not blocked by miscellaneous wood and adhesives in terms of tone transmission or resonance.

It has unparalleled advantages over plywood.

And the most important point is that the veneer guitar will open with the playing, and resonate with the vibration for many years.

The moisture and air in the wood will be slowly forced out, and the sound will be more majestic and mellow.

Model: SM-2 full veneer acoustic guitar

Barrel type: 41 inches

Panel: Japanese AAA spruce veneer

Bottom side panel: Japanese AAA mahogany veneer

Headstock: Rosewood headstock (inlaid with maple LOGO)

Fingerboard: Rosewood fingerboard

String twist: high fully enclosed chrome 1:18 standard bobbin tuner

Next Size: Rosewood

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