41 inch ballad wood knot his hard box


HK$488.00  HK$698.00

The new arrival of the real xylophone box, moisture-proof function is better than ABS box

Ballad classical guitar special box

Suitable for 38 39 inch classical guitars

(A 40-inch ballad box is also suitable for this kind of box)

Suitable for 41 inch ballad guitars (for guitars over 1000)

The use of willow wood solid plank, better protection, moisture-proof effect is more obvious.

Well-worked, standard guitar box

Stylish and beautiful streamlined design,

Exquisite craft making

- Strong, wear-resistant, patterned artificial leather surface material (1 s fine pattern)

- Choose high-quality, non-deformable wood composed of wooden boxes, the top and bottom thickness of 5 mm, the thickness of the four sides of 7 mm

- The interior liner is a high density sponge and soft velvet material - the surface leather seam is novel and unique

- Metal feet, mounted on the side and bottom of the wooden box, respectively

- 1 metal handle of outsourced soft artificial leather, which can carry 40 kg

- Inside the wooden box, special hard sponges are added around the body to provide better protection

- Inside the wooden box, there are separate sponge liners above the body and neck for extra protection

- The sturdy, wide instrument neck support box (single neck support) has a separate lid for more parts

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