41 inch folk wooden guitar hard case


HK$488.00  HK$698.00

New arrival real xylophone case, better moisture resistance than ABS case

Folk classical guitar special case

Suitable for 38 39 inch classical guitar

(The 40-inch folk small box is also suitable for this kind of piano box)

Suitable for 41-inch acoustic guitar (suitable for guitars above 1000)

The use of Liuan wood solid wood board has better protection and more obvious moisture-proof effect.

Exquisite workmanship, standard guitar case

Stylish and beautiful streamlined design,

Exquisite craftsmanship

- Strong, wear-resistant, patterned artificial leather surface material (1# fine pattern)

-The wooden box is made of high-quality, non-deformable wood, the thickness of the top and bottom is 5 mm, and the thickness of the four sides is 7 mm

- Internal padding is high-density sponge and soft fleece material - Surface leather seams are novel and unique

- Metal feet, mounted on the sides and bottom of the wooden box, respectively

- 1 metal handle covered with soft artificial leather, can bear 40 kg

—In the wooden box, a hard sponge is specially added around the body to provide better protection

—In the wooden case, there are separate foam pads on the body and neck for extra protection

- Sturdy, wide instrument neck support box (single neck support) with separate lid for more parts

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