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Herdio 6.5" Bluetooth ceiling speaker 640W two-channel HCS-818BT-16BT-4CH (two pairs)

Herdio 6.5" Bluetooth ceiling speaker 640W two-channel HCS-818BT-16BT-4CH (two pairs)

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This 6.5-inch ceiling-mounted Bluetooth speaker launched by Herdio has a maximum power output of up to 640 watts, which can provide a wide and rich stereo sound performance even in a spacious office space. This speaker can easily connect to various Bluetooth-enabled devices, allowing you to enjoy the convenience of wireless music.

feature of product:

  • Dual independent 4 channels : Meet the needs of multiple scenes and multiple devices, making the sound richer and more three-dimensional.
  • Bluetooth Compatible : Powerful Bluetooth connection range, compatible with various Bluetooth devices.
  • Microphone paging and USB port : Supports microphone broadcasting and has a USB port for media playback and device charging.
  • Easy to install : It adopts a simple embedded design and is easy to install in the bathroom, kitchen, living room, office or other flat surfaces.
  • HIGH DURABILITY MATERIALS : Made of high-quality ABS material, stain-resistant speaker grille and polypropylene cone with fabric edges.
  • USB port device charging : Equipped with a USB flash card reader for media playback and can also be used as a charging port.
  • Connect other media devices : Auxiliary 3.5mm audio input jack can easily connect microphones, TVs and other devices.
  • Advanced crossover design : Through the 86dB crossover network, the tweeter and woofer are perfectly integrated to ensure a coordinated transition in the key mid- and high-frequency areas.
  • Speaker Size : A pair of HCS-818BT speakers is suitable for an area of ​​400 square feet.

Environmental protection and certification:

This Herdio ceiling speaker has been rigorously tested and has FCC, CE, BQB and WEEE certifications. The durable quality and environmentally friendly materials provide you with a wonderful sound journey.

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