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HK$435.00  HK$1,980.00

Q: About the Class

Fly to tie his class, divided into two groups, hot blood knot his class and super knot his class. The subject of the course is the same novice.

Different from the traditional knotted one-on-one course, he takes classes in the form of original orchestras

The classroom is lively and fun, and you can learn from each other in the newly-known group

Students who do not close him can borrow it at the time of the show or purchase it at the center, starting at $798/set

Q: What Can I Learn

After completing the course, students can generally play the basic pop songs

Master chord applications, band coordination, etc

Pop-up simple and commonly used small solos

Q: Course Details

✔Hot-blooded teen group:
tuition:$780 / 2 months
Number of people: 6-22
Age: 13-28 years old
✔super knotted himConstituencies:
tuition:$1280 / 2 months
Number of people: 6-22
Age: 13-100 year
Course time:
✔2 months | 16 | 45min
✔Once a week, 2 consecutive sessions, that is, 1.5 hours
The difference between a hot-blooded knot in his class and a super knot in his class?

The content of the two is the same, set up for newbies, together never contact with music or knot his classmates.

Hot-blooded classes are designed for young students, or students with stable time.

  • Fixed every weekOneTime, for example, when Monday is selected, is lasted every Monday (45min x 2 x 1.5hr) for eight consecutive weeks. If you fail to attend, you will not make up for it.
  • The monthly start date is fixed and waits for the shift.
Super-close classes are for working people, or students with unstable times.
  • Optional every weekTwoTime, first and second choice, respectively.
  • For example, Monday (preferred) and Wednesday (secondary) are selected,
  • If something fails to show up on Monday, it can be attended on Wednesday.
  • You can join in real time without waiting for the start time.
  • The preferred and secondary session time is also 45min x 2 x 1.5hr per session
Of course, super-close students can also attend at the same time on Mondays and Wednesdays, but the content of the course is the same. 

Q: After The Course

Upon completion of the course, participants can choose to enroll in the Intermediate Orchestra

Or enroll in the closing exam course at Rock School, Holy Trinity College

High-performing senior students will be invited to attend our performances

Including performances in various districts of Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Macau, Singapore and other music festivals

Q: When

The start date and time of the monthly shift is availableFly Facebookand Soaring Instagramsee in


This course is currently only available at Mong Kok Head School


  • The time limit for a degree is2 monthsAfter 2 months, the degree needs to be renewed or it will expire.
  • This courseThere is no make-up hall, the course will not be transferred to another time for 8 consecutive weeks due to individual student requirements.
  • This courseCourse content is not changed or customized because of individual student requirements.
  • This courseNo refundOnce paid, your location will be retained. Please refer to the course website before enrolling.
  • This course is not designed for classical examination level, the course is popular song teaching.
  • The price of this course isA head of manLocation charges, excluding friends and relatives, friends and other locations.
  • This course network will make minor adjustments due to different class schedules.
  • This clause will be clearly displayed before the report is read, onceRead itThat is, agree to the above terms.

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