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Guitar Class Schedule and Payment (Mong Kok Main Store)

Guitar Class Schedule and Payment (Mong Kok Main Store)

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Q: About the Class

** Feiteng Guitar Class is divided into two groups, Hot Blood Guitar Class and Super Guitar Class. The object of the course is beginners.

** Different from the traditional one-on-one guitar lessons, the lessons are taught in the form of an original orchestra

** The class is lively and interesting, and you can learn from each other from the newly acquainted members

** If students do not have a guitar, they can borrow it when they go to class, or buy it in our center, the price starts from $798/set

Q: What Can I Learn

** After completing the course, students can generally play and sing basic pop songs

** Master the application of chords, band coordination, etc.

** Pop up simple and commonly used ditty solos

Q: Course Details

✔Hot-blooded youth group:
Tuition: $870 / 2 months
Number of people: 6-22 people
Age: 13-28 years old
✔Super Guitar Category:
Tuition: $1370 / 2 months
Number of people: 6-22 people
Age: 13-100 age
Class time:
✔2 months | 16 lessons | 45min
✔ Once a week, 2 classes in a row, i.e. 1.5 hours
What is the difference between Hot Blooded Guitar Class and Super Guitar Class?

The content of the two is the same, and both are designed for beginners who have never been exposed to music or guitar.

The hot-blooded class is designed for young students or students with stable time.

  • A time is fixed every week. For example, if Monday is selected, it will be lasted once every Monday (45min x 2 = 1.5hr) for eight consecutive weeks. If you fail to attend, there will be no make-up.
  • The start date of each month is fixed, and it is necessary to wait for the waiter to start the class.
The Super Guitar Class is designed for working people or students with unstable schedules.
  • You can choose two times a week, the first choice and the second choice.
  • For example, if Monday (first choice) and Wednesday (second choice) are selected,
  • If you cannot attend on Monday, you can attend on Wednesday.
  • You can join immediately without waiting for the start time.
  • The first and second class attendance time is also 45min x 2 = 1.5hr each time
Of course, students in the Super Guitar class can also attend on Mondays and Wednesdays, but the course content is the same.

Q: After The Course

** After completing the course, students can choose to enroll in the Intermediate Orchestra

** Or enroll in Trinity College Rock School's guitar test course

** Senior students with outstanding performance will be invited to attend performances organized by the Bank

** Including performances in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Macau, Singapore and other music festivals

Q: When

** Monthly start date and time can be found on Feiteng Facebook and Feiteng seen on Instagram

Q: Where

** This course is only available at Mong Kok Head Office


  • The validity period of the degree is 2 months . After 2 months, the degree needs to be renewed, otherwise it will be invalid.
  • There is no make-up class for this course. The course lasts for 8 weeks and will not be changed to other times due to individual student requirements.
  • This course does not change or customize the course content at the request of individual students.
  • There are no refunds for this course, once payment is made, your spot will be reserved. Please refer to the course website before enrolling.
  • This course is not designed for classical examinations, the course is for pop song teaching.
  • The price of this course is for one head seat, excluding relatives, friends and other positions.
  • This course will be slightly adjusted due to different class progress.
  • These terms and conditions will be clearly displayed prior to enrolling, and once enrolling , you agree to the above terms.

Photo album of students (too many classes, unable to record them all):

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