Japanese ARCO SW106 Teak Wooden Box Drum


HK$2,680.00  HK$3,980.00

SW106 Teak

●SW106 is a new product that uses teak as the surface material on the drum head. It is a new product that has a good hum and bass and snare drum sound that has been applied to draw a contour.
●I know that when it comes to your Kahun once, it will always play the low frequency sound (bass drum) instead of hitting the Kahun, and the middle and high notes (hat, snare drum) keep the rhythm and deployment rhythm, mainly now, this is The change indicated by a light touch will be more important.
●Shindamen (surface board teak), so the response I got is that the volume is very good in the mid-to-high range, and I think the performance is used in all types. The size is a common one about 30x30x48cm.

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