Japanese-made ARCO SW106 teak box drum


HK$2,680.00  HK$3,980.00

SW106 Teak

The ● SW106 is a new product of teak with surface material on the drum surface. It is a good buzz and bass and drum sound. The wooden version has been applied to pull out a profile of its new product.
● I know that when it comes to your Cajun, playing Cajon is always (bass drum) rather than ringing (bass drum) low-frequency, mid-treble (hat, small drum) to maintain rhythm and deployment rhythm, mainly now, this is represented by a light touch change will be more important.
● Shindamen (table panel teak), so the response I got was very good bulk in the mid-to-high range, and I think performance in all types of utilization. Size is a common type of about 30 x 30 x 48 cm.

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