Made in Japan Koshi Temporary Studio Wooden Box Drum


HK$3,680.00  HK$4,980.00

It is a standard type clear paint version of Koshika Cajon.
The best cajon produced by Hinoki at the workshop K's factory in Mie Prefecture, Koshikari Cajon! This is good! I haven't heard much about cypress instruments, but the rich, thick bass sound with medium-low bass and the sharp snappy sound are spectacularly fruiting. It is finished in a pleasant one! In addition, with two-hit specifications, a snappy-less hitting surface characterized by hard sound quality is also available, and you can play two sounds with different characters in one! In addition, you can fine-tune the condition of the snappy on the side of the main body with the included wrench to make it your favorite sound. High-quality sound, functionality, and profound and beautiful looks unique to cypress. It is a fulfilling model that contains plenty of elements that Cajon players want!
【About Koshika Cajon】
Koshika Cajon uses solid hinoki (hinoki) wood from mie, a local area. Hinoiki is a well-balanced and gentle sound with hardness and softness that sounds comfortable on a board of moderate thickness.

In addition, the two-hit surface specification is only if it is an Koshika Cajon. The smoother surface is thick and features pleasant bass and a snappy buzz sound. The other surface is characterized by a hard sound that is natural and well passed through.
Usually, general cajon materials often use plywood from foreign countries, but "Koshika Cajon", which is assembled with a single plate of Owase hinokhi, is characterized by a warm tone with a good nuke and a waist overall.

It looks heavy and beautiful, and the refreshing scent of cypress is one of the important elements that make up identity.

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