Casio AP-710 digital piano


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Casio AP-710 digital piano

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Three legendary pianos

The long tradition of the piano is a long-established musical instrument, its history can be traced back to the 1700s, and it is still known for its three superb pianos. CASIO has thoroughly studied and analyzed the timbre characteristics of these three complete concert grand pianos manufactured in Berlin, Hamburg and Vienna. We use all our digital technology to express the sound of these grand pianos in AiR Grand Sound Source. Now, in a digital piano, you can fully enjoy the magnificent sound of these ancient pianos beloved by Liszt, Debussy and other music giants.

The sound of the Berlin Bolshoi Theatre was developed in cooperation with C. Bechstein.

When talking about the C. Bechstein piano, Claude Debussy declared: "Piano music should only be written by Bechstein." The history of C. Bechstein pianos began when Carl Bechstein founded a company in Berlin in 1853. Now, Casio has developed the "Berlin Grand" sound in cooperation with this famous piano manufacturer, a balanced, elegant sound with a clearly defined shape. In order to create refined tones and vividness, we analyzed the tone of the final C. Bechstein masterpiece D282. The sound produced was even recognized by C. Bechstein master piano manufacturer Werner Albrecht and was incorporated into CELVIANO AP-710, called the "Berlin Grand Piano".

Keyboard system

The natural playing feeling is close to the firm touch of the piano, transforming the player’s thoughts into sounds

Three-sensor scale hammer type mobile keyboard II, with the unique tone timing of a grand piano

The difference between the sound structure of a grand piano and a digital piano is expressed as a difference in the time from when the instrument is played to when the sound can be heard. The response mode of the three-sensor zoomable hammer action keyboard II is to combine the system with three sensors to detect the touches of the keys in sequence.

The simulated ebony and ivory keys have the best fingertip fit, making playing easier

The simulated ebony and ivory keys have a luxurious feel and texture as well as the silky touch of a grand piano keyboard. The meticulous surface finish of the crimping can prevent finger slippage caused by sweat and provide a perfect fingertip fit even when playing for a long time.

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