Casio CTK-2200 / CTK-2300 61Key Keyboard


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AHL * Source

All inner buildings, including a variety of tones such as piano, now you can show a wonderful sound quality! Up to 48 performances, with automatic accompaniment, providing a richer performance.
* Audio & High Compression Large Wave Signal (Acoustic & Highly-Compressed Large-Waveform)

Piano style keyboard

Keyboard design, such as piano, easy to play


Digital effect

Use various effects to strengthen your music depth, making music more vivid.



 Entertainment function!

 Let music more interesting than ever

Sampling function


You can make abandonment or other devices from carrying music, and can play on the keyboard. You can also use the sampling sound to compose. Sampling features are excellent in creative.

Connect the sound source input jack and start the music player, sample sound, music, or other sound
Play the sound effect with the electronic piano!
For example, if you record the "!" As a sound sample, you can play this sound effect on the keyboard. Even this sound can be equipped with echo, vibrato, etc., and expand more interesting applications.
Sampling features can be used to collect sounds!
You can sample your favorite phrases or drums from the input terminal, and use the same way to replace some auto accompaniment drums.
Sound input terminal
A number of audio players, CD players, and other devices can be played through the speaker built by the keyboard by the audio input terminal and the keyboard.
Music challenge mode
Music challenge mode can test your reaction speed, you must cooperate with the auto accompaniment in a limited time, follow the correct ingredients on the screen to press the correct piano.

 Powerful teaching function!

 New teaching features make you play skills more proficiency


Staged teaching system

Familiar with a song, the best way to divide it into a short message, after familiar with each parade, then practice the first song.
Staged teaching system is the best support for providing you to enhance play.



grading system

Your exercise score will be displayed on the screen


Speech finger guide

If the keyboard detects that you don't practice, you will use the simulator to spoke your finger number to help you play with the correct pointing.


Division courses (right hand, left hand, hands)

Metronome can be used in teaching modes

110 buildings contain 20 practice phrases (with a piano spectrum *)

Built-in curvature encompassing a wide range of music species, not only lets you practice, but also let you listen to your appreciation. Contains practice phrases!
* Do not include some of the exercise phrases in the music score. Based on copyright restrictions, some songs in the track are not included in the score.



 Let you play the best instruments!

 Playing music from the world

Broad sound library (400 high-tone tone)

Hundreds of tones are available for various style music.


150 kinds of rhythm and automatic accompaniment including Latin
150 rhythms from all over the world, including 55 kinds of national rhythm, 20 kinds of piano rhythm.

Advanced automatic accompaniment features provide a large number of national rhythms around the world, you can freely use a special latin dance music, Bossa Nova, Senba, also has a fedae dance (Cumbia), Latin Ghost (Reggaeton), Calypso ..... and other rhythms!


Music Information System (Backlight Large Screen)

Can show rich information assistance.


Multivariate expandability


. USB slot can be connected to the computer * 1
. Universal MIDI (GM Level 1) supports compatibility of computers or other GM compatible instruments.

* System requirements: Windows® XP Home Edition (SP2 or Updated Version), Windows® XP Professional (SP2 or Update, 32-bit), Windows Vista® (32-bit), Windows® 7 (32-bit, 64 Bit), Mac OS® X (10.3.9, 10.4.11 or Update Version, 10.5.8 or Update version, 10.6.7 or update version)


Single bond preset (150 groups)

Automatically adjust to set values ​​suitable for the current rhythm

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