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(Limited Time) CASIO GP-310 Hybrid Digital Piano

(Limited Time) CASIO GP-310 Hybrid Digital Piano

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CASIO GP1000 / GP510 / GP310

casio gp510

The latest 2020 electronic piano "Grand Hybrid" co-developed with C. Bechstein has been updated.

It is a popular grand piano MODEL that can play Bechstein and super touch keyboard sounds at home.

All black and white keys are made of wood .

The part that supports the keyboard is also made of wood, so it feels like a grand piano.

Comparison with previous models

What are the changes to the GP-500/GP-300? ?

① Replace with speakers with excellent bass playback

The GP series features six speakers, but new dedicated down-speakers have been enhanced for excellent bass reproduction.
Volume and bass can be increased and output can be provided, and can play sound with less distortion.

②Improve touch and sound

▼ Touch... Weak touch has been improved to produce weaker sounds as expected. In addition, the performance of volume and timbre changes when using a soft pedal is now more sensitive.
▼Sound... By relaxing the way the sound decays after pronunciation, you can feel the natural sound growth. In particular, when the bass is extended, the rest of the sound has been improved so you can no longer feel the sound.

MODEL comparison

Collaboration mode "GP-1000"

(1) The number of original piano sounds has been increased.

Equipped with 12 original piano sounds, you can play your favorite sound according to the genre of the song.
A guide to this pitch is also included, so you can search for practice songs for practice songs and powerful piano sounds for technical songs.

(2) Touch sensitivity adjustment (touch response)

Compared to the GP-510, which has a 5-level touch response, the GP-1000 can set the touch response to 9 levels.
Fine settings like heavy touch touch, easy touch strong, easy touch mesoforte
It is possible to express a touch close to that of a real grand piano.

③Headphone equalizer (volume adjustment function)

One of the advantages of using a digital piano is that you can listen to it with headphones.
A headphone equalizer is a feature that allows you to adjust the sound quality while listening through headphones.
For the GP-510, you can choose whether to turn this feature on or off. For the GP-1000, you can choose from four levels.
You can adjust the sound or song to your liking.

Speed setting

Classical piano music often has tempo notation (Allegro Vivace, etc.), but no rhythm.
Even in this case, the GP-1000 can set the speed with the speed symbol written on the score!

scene function
The GP-510 and GP-1000 are equipped with a scene function that presets sounds, reverbs and reverbs according to the composer and location.
The content differs from the GP-1000 scene "Mozart" and the GP-510 scene "Course".

88 keys
Layer, Split 
Duet: the range can be changed (-2 to +2 octaves)
Transpose: 2 octaves (-12 to 0 to +12)
Octave shift: 4 octaves (-2 to 0 to +2)
Sound source
Number of tones: 26 
Polyphony: 256 voices
Touch Response (Sensitivity setting 5, Off)
Adjustment: 415.5Hz~440.0Hz~465.9Hz (0.1Hz unit)
Temperament: Equal to Type 16
Stretch adjustment: 5, off with automatic setting function
Acoustic Simulator
Damper Resonance, Damper Noise, Hammer Response, String Resonance, Lid Simulator, Key Action Noise, Key Action Noise
Brightness (-3 to 0 to 3), Hall Simulator (12 types), Chorus (4 types), DSP, Headphone Mode
concert performance
Number of songs: 15  
Play Music Play songs obtained on PC etc.
Song volume: adjustable
80% speed of normal playback is playable
2 modes: listen, play
music library
Number of songs: 60 songs, Download songs: 10 songs (up to about 90KB per song, about 900KB for 10 songs) *
  • Symbol capacity is 1KB = 1024 bytes, 1MB = 1024 2 bytes.

Song volume: adjustable
Department On/Off: L, R
grand piano tuning
6 songs
recording function
MIDI recorder
Format: real-time recording, playback
Number of songs: 1 
Number of recording tracks: 2 tracks
Capacity: about 5,000 notes
Recording retention: built-in flash memory
Music volume: adjustable

Real-time recording and playback from USB memory - 
Linear PCM, 16bit, 44.1kHz, Stereo WAV format
Number of songs:
99 per file file, the longest recording time is about 25 minutes
Audio file volume: adjustable

time signature : 0-9 Speed range: 20-255 
Volume: Adjustable
Shock absorber (half pedal available), soft, sustain
Other functions
setup backup
Operation lock
16ch multi-timbral reception
USB memory
Usable capacity: 32GB or less recommended
SMF direct playback, recording song saving, song data reading, formatting, audio data playback/saving
input/output terminal
PHONES jack: Stereo standard jack x 2 
Power Jack: 24 VDC 
MIDI input/output jacks
Line Input [R] [L/MONO] Jacks: Standard Jack x 2 / Input Impedance 9.0kΩ, Input Sensitivity 200 mV 
Line Out [R] [L/MONO] Terminals: Standard Jack x 2 / Output Impedance 2.3kΩ, Output Voltage 1.8V (RMS) MAX 
USB terminal: Type B
USB memory terminal: Type A
foot connector
Amplifier output: 30W x 2 + 20W x 2 
Speaker: 16cm x 2 + (10cm + 5cm) x 2 
Volume adjustment equalizer (3 types, off)
power supply
Power AC Adapter AD-E24500LW 
Automatic power-off function: about 4 hours, can be canceled
Power consumption
Body + Stand: W143.4 x D48.9 x H96.3cm
Body + bracket: about 78.5kg
AC Adapter (AD-E24500LW), Stand, Pedal Unit, Chair, Music Stand, Headphones, Headphone Hook, Music Collection

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