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Discontinued CASIO GP-400 Hybrid Digital Piano

Discontinued CASIO GP-400 Hybrid Digital Piano

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Casio GP-400 Top Digital Grand Piano

Casio released a new model of the Grand Hybrid digital grand piano series at this year's Frankfurt International Music Fair: GP-400 BK

The latest generation GP-400 BK shares most of the characteristics of the GP-500, including three sets of top-of-the-line grand piano sounds, and is equipped with a top-of-the-line wooden feel keyboard, co-developed with Bechstein, and has almost exactly the same grand piano keyboard. dynamic characteristics and 27 combos per second. In appearance, the rear and side panels are designed with an arc shape, and the height of the piano body is also increased. The height design from the keyboard to the music stand is exactly the same as that of a grand piano. When playing, not only the timbre and the keyboard, but also the visual experience of reading the score is also better. Approaching a grand piano!

GP-400 Grand Hybrid Piano


The GP-400 is a new product in the CELVIANO Grand Hybrid series, equipped with Casio's AiR Grand tone generator, which accurately reproduces the synth tone, mechanical sound, and texture of a grand piano.

The GP-400 replicates three world-class piano samples, the rich resonance of various strings and dampers, the sound of mechanical movement, and various other subtle resonances that convey the verve of the original sound. Casio's Natural Grand Hammer Action Keyboard expresses more detail.

The same key-making process as a grand piano, a six-speaker amplifier system, and a new grand piano acoustic system can produce a three-dimensional sound field that closely resembles the sound of a grand piano. The top speaker sends the sound up, and the downward speaker sends the sound from below the soundboard, so players and listeners can get an immersive experience.


  • AiR Grand sound source
  • Natural grand piano hammer action keyboard
  • Concert Play Modes and Scenes

Number of keys 88
60 songs
60 songs


The GP-400BK has a magnificent appearance, stable performance, and the overall performance is comparable to that of a grand piano, allowing pianists to play a grand piano-like feeling and visual effects. The GP-400BK pays great attention to details, such as the wide music rest, sturdy legs, and other components that give it more flair.

sound effect

Faithful reproduction of the characteristics and tones of three legendary pianos

CELVIANO Grand Hybrid reproduces even the subtle sound changes of world famous pianos. For this project, CASIO has selected three pianos that have come to Berlin, Hamburg and Vienna. CASIO has meticulously researched and analyzed the characteristics of each piano. The CELVIANO Grand Hybrid reproduces the mesmerizing sound of these pianos with CASIO's advanced technology. Give you the experience of owning three of the world's best pianos at the same time.

Berlin [Berlin Grand Piano]

The sound quality is balanced and elegant. Best for playing Impressionist music. The characteristic is that the timbre of the entire range is clear and clear.

Hamburg [Hamburg Grand Piano]

The sound is rich and charming. Music has a wide range of performance and is beloved by pianists. Suitable for different playing styles and types.

Vienna [Vienna Grand Piano]

Its bass range is impressive. The tone is warm and thick, and the interpretation is excellent whether it is soft or passionate. The ideal instrument for playing classic music.

Co-development of sound effects

The Berlin grand piano sound was co-developed by CASIO with C. Bechstein. CASIO sought clear, balanced and elegant sound for the CELVIANO Grand Hybrid. CASIO conducted a very in-depth study of C. Bechstein's ultimate masterpiece, D282, to achieve this goal. Service Director Mr. Albrecht and C. Bechstein's violin master came to CASIO R&D to monitor the sound effect development process until the final revision was completed.

About C. Bechstein

Since Carl Bechstein founded the Pianoforte workshop in Berlin in 1853, C. Bechstein's name has been synonymous with top-notch upright grand pianos. C. Bechstein pianos have been favored by many famous composers and performers over the years for their excellent sound and feel. In the 21st century, C. Bechstein is still recognized as one of the best piano manufacturers in the world.

AiR Grand sound source

CELVIANO Grand Hybrid is equipped with AiR Grand sound generator, a brand new system developed by CASIO with its latest sound technology. Contains many powerful functions. Multi-directional type conversion allows players to smoothly switch between soft and passionate styles. The Acoustic Simulator reproduces the sound of a traditional grand piano. The AiR Grand sound generator brings you a realistic playing experience.
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Multi-directional type conversion

For a traditional grand piano, the volume and timbre are constantly changing from the moment the keys are played until the note slowly fades away. CASIO's multi-directional type switching technology can ensure that the volume and tone can be naturally and smoothly switched according to the force of the touch. This technique makes the performance of the player more expressive.

resonance system

A grand piano can play different types of resonances that are extremely important to the playing experience. The CELVIANO Grand Hybrid is equipped with a String Resonance function that allows each string to harmonize naturally when the key is pressed. Damper Resonance reproduces the resonance that occurs when the damper pedal is pressed. The GP-400BK's open-string resonance and equal-part resonance add realism to the sound. Players can select, control and synthesize the resonance sound of the grand piano strings and soundboard according to the performance environment through the CASIO resonance system.

Action sound system

A grand piano also produces several effects related to mechanical operation, which are an important part of the playing experience. CASIO simulates a grand piano more accurately by reproducing these mechanical sounds. The piano has 4 different operating sounds, the volume of each sound can be set or turned off independently.

keyless simulator

The continuous sound exhibited by a grand piano varies in length with the speed at which the player's fingers leave the keys after the key is pressed. In a similar way, the CASIO key-off simulator controls the length of the tone based on the speed at which the finger leaves the key. This allows the player to show subtle differences when playing staccato and legato tunes.

Hammer response

Even with the same key force, the duration of a grand piano tone can vary subtly depending on which key is pressed. To bring out the best playing realism, CASIO has made the appropriate settings for the sound of the three grand pianos. The sound generation time can also be adjusted to suit the needs of the player.

grand piano pedal system

grand piano pedal system

CASIO's grand piano pedal system fine-tunes the volume and duration of the sound by constantly detecting the position of the damper pedal and depending on the angle at which the pedal is depressed. In addition, players can adjust the pedal position through the half-pedal position function, so that the damping effect can be integrated into the performance according to their preferences. The GP-400BK's action sound system features damper clicks and pedal action noises that reproduce the subtle operating sounds of a traditional grand piano.

Grand Piano Acoustic System

Grand Piano Acoustic System

CASIO has developed a new and exclusive speaker system for the CELVIANO Grand Hybrid, recreating the characteristic sound from above and below a traditional grand piano. The four-channel sound system features 6 speakers carefully placed within the design structure to play music from the inside of the body. This system provides the player with the same sound field experience as playing a traditional grand piano.

Adjustable lid position and lid simulator

Adjustable lid position

The design of the CELVIANO Grand Hybrid includes a top lid that can be raised and lowered manually. The position of the lid not only physically affects the sound played by the speakers above, but also accurately restores the characteristics of the traditional grand piano's adjustable lid through the "lid position" setting.
The volume and tone of the sound produced by a grand piano is affected by the angle at which the lid is lifted. Lid Simulator can use digital technology to simulate these acoustic effects. Players can choose from four cover angle effects to enjoy the ideal piano sound in their minds.

* The setting parameters of the piano lid simulator will not change whether the top lid of the piano is open or not.

Concert hall simulator and listening position

listening position

Equipped with 12 types of concert hall simulators, each set according to the results of careful analysis of the acoustic characteristics collected from world-renowned performance venues. Each venue has 4 listening position settings. For example, a player can simulate the listening experience in an auditorium or in front of a piano.

Volume Sync Equalizer

The volume sync equalizer is useful for playing softly at home or when you want to play at a lower volume. This function effectively balances low volume music by adjusting the sound quality in the low and high ranges. Regardless of the volume level, it will provide you with a pleasant playing experience for a continuous period of time.

Volume Sync Equalizer
When the piano is played at low volume, the timbre of the bass and treble ranges is compensated, maintaining a natural sound.

headphone mode

headphone mode

Headphone mode automatically creates a wide sound image when the player wears headphones, reproducing the feeling of playing a traditional piano. Due to the greatly improved listening experience with headphones, players can play more naturally and experience the sound field experience of a traditional grand piano.


Your performance needs realism and it starts with the first touch

The player's movements are translated into music through a number of important elements. And the most touchable, must be the keys. CELVIANO Grand Hybrid feels real from the very first time you press a key. New revolutionary natural grand piano hammer action keyboard with full-size wooden keys. Its new mechanism, with real hammers, moves in the same trajectory as a performance grand piano. Open the lid and watch the hammers move over the clear top as you play. In addition to the standard acoustic mechanism, the same scale is repeated faster than a traditional piano through a new hammer action, yet it feels the same as a real piano.

Natural grand piano hammer action keyboard

CASIO has developed a new keyboard system called "Natural Grand Piano Hammer Action Keyboard" that brings the feel of a real piano. This keyboard system features full-size wooden keys whose hammers move in the same trajectory as a performance grand piano. The keys of the CELVIANO Grand Hybrid are made from the exact same materials as the keys of a traditional grand piano. The surfaces of the keys are carefully treated, as is the wood for the keybed. This excellent action mechanism, combined with high-quality key materials, greatly improves the playing experience, just like playing a traditional grand piano.
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Natural grand piano hammer action keyboard

1. Original triple induction action mechanism

CASIO's unique action mechanism brings excellent keyboard performance to CELVIANO Grand Hybrid. This mechanism consists of hammer action designed with reference to a grand piano, and three sensors that can accurately grasp the player's emotions through the keys. Since there are no real strings, the CASIO's hammer action transcends the playing characteristics of a grand piano, providing a better playing experience, allowing the player to play vibrato and easily repeat the same tone.

2. Keyboard surface material

Acrylic is used for the white keys, while sulfite is used for the black keys, the same material used on modern grand pianos. This brings an intimate and familiar touch. Players will feel comfortable and confident through the keys of the CELVIANO Grand Hybrid.

3. The fulcrum distance of the keys

The pivot positions of the keys are exactly the same as on a grand piano. This results in a more stable playing performance, as the strength of the keys does not change with the position of the fingers on the keys.

High-quality Austrian spruce wood

The keyboard is made of high-quality Austrian spruce wood, the same as that of the C. Bechstein grand piano. These high-quality materials are carefully air-dried and treated before being used to make keys.


The development of the keyboard takes the 88 keys into consideration individually and allows them to function as a whole, ensuring a superior piano playing experience. CASIO also makes continuous improvements by studying the weight change and return speed of the keys to make the keyboard perfect.

keyboard comparison

CASIO detects the overall strength of the keys being played and, in addition, mimics the operation of a grand piano, accurately reproducing the entire process of the keys being played.


Grand Hybrid brings you more than just playing

Play at legendary venues

CELVIANO Grand Hybrid is equipped with a concert hall simulator that simulates the acoustics of several different world-class performance venues. CASIO uses advanced analysis and signal processing to reproduce the acoustics of the world's most famous concert halls, opera houses, cathedrals and other performance venues. You can choose one of these settings on the fly to give your performance a realistic feel.
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Play with the Symphony Orchestra

The CELVIANO Grand Hybrid's concert performance mode puts you in the role of solo piano, sharing the stage with a symphony orchestra. The sound system acts as a symphony orchestra, playing with you. Supports works by Tchaikovsky, Pachelbel, Smetana, and other composers. You can slow down these movements to assist with practice.
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play according to music history

The GP-400BK is equipped with additional functions that allow the player to design or select the scene. You can customize your scene by choosing piano type, concert hall simulation and any desired effect. CASIO has created several inspiring preset scenes. These carefully designed examples allow you to interact with music history. After you select the name of a famous composer, the piano is preset to match the settings for his compositions, and the venues where those compositions may have been played.
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concert performance

It's exciting to play with a symphony orchestra. The concert performance feature simulates the performance of an entire symphony orchestra, allowing you to experience the experience of a piano soloist and a symphony orchestra on the same stage. 15 songs are built-in. As you practice, convenient playback functions allow you to: play, pause, fast forward, rewind, and repeat AB sections. Using the Tempo mode, these songs can be slowed down to 80% of their normal tempo as needed.

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Suitable for GP-400BK. This function allows the player to choose the most suitable sound environment. Scenes can be created by selecting different combinations of sounds, effects and reverb levels. The presets contain 15 scenes, designed for different composers, music styles and venues. Users can also customize the scene and record up to 10 favorite settings.

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General Features

audio recorder

CELVIANO Grand Hybrid pianos can record performances as stereo sound files (44.1 kHz stereo WAV format) via commercially available USB flash memory. Recordings can be stored or played back on a computer, or burned to CD or transferred to other media. The piano's built-in full play feature lets you: Pause, Fast Forward, Rewind, and AB Section Repeat.

* To record CDs, you may need commercially available software.

MIDI recorder

This feature allows players to freely record their performances in the CELVIANO Grand Hybrid's memory. This helps users to objectively review their own performance in order to improve their playing skills. This full playback feature allows you to: Pause, Fast Forward, Rewind and Repeat AB part while playing.

music library

The Music Library of CELVIANO Grand Hybrid contains 60 piano pieces. Scores for these pieces are already included, and CELVIANO Grand Hybrid also provides ideal learning features. The left and right hands can be practiced separately. The tempo can be changed, and the AB part repeat function lets you concentrate on practicing a certain part of the song. Each song has preset sounds, but the player can choose to use a Berlin grand, Hamburg grand or Vienna grand.

* Some scores are unavailable due to copyright issues.

Duet Mode

The left and right keyboards starting from the middle can be set to the same range. Duet mode is convenient for two players to practice together, such as parent and child or teacher and student.

Overlay and Split

The Layer function allows the player to layer two different sounds, while the Split function separates the sounds into lower and upper blocks.

Automatic shut-down

To save energy, the CELVIANO Grand Hybrid will automatically shut down 4 hours after you stop playing.

Ergonomic interface

The CELVIANO Grand Hybrid features a simple and thoughtfully designed control panel for ease of use. With a dedicated button, you can easily switch to the sound of a Berlin grand, Hamburg grand or Vienna grand.


Natural grand piano hammer action keys (uses the same wood as C. Bechstein grand pianos)
5 Sensitivity (Heavy 2, Heavy 1, Normal, Light 1, Light 2), Off
sound source
AiR Grand Sound Source String Resonance, Damper Resonance, Open String Resonance, Equal Resonance, Damper Noise, Pedal Action Noise, Key Action Noise, Key Off Action Noise, Hammer Response, Lid Simulator, Key Off Simulator
maximum polyphony
256 years
35 built-in tones: Berlin Grand, Berlin Grand Soft, Berlin Grand Bright, Hamburg Grand, Hamburg Grand Soft, Hamburg Grand Bright, Vienna Grand, Vienna Grand Soft, Vienna Grand Bright, Grand Modern, Grand Piano Rock, Grand Piano Jazz, Grand Piano Pop, Grand Piano Dance, Bar Piano, Piano Pad, Electone 1, Electone 2, Electone 3, FM Electone, 60'S Electone, Harpsichord, Vibraphone, Strings 1, Strings 2, Synthesizer, Organ 1, Organ 2, Jazz Organ, Electronic Organ 1, Electronic Organ 2, Electronic Organ 3, Acoustic Bass, Percussion Bass, Electric Bass
digital effect
Concert Hall Simulator: 12, Listening Position Settings: 1 Player Position, 3 Audience Positions; Chorus: 4, Brightness: 7 Levels, DSP: (preset for some sounds)
Built-in Song
Concert Play Mode (Audio Songs): 15, Music Library (MIDI Songs): 60, Grand Piano Voice Demo Songs: 6
Expansion Song
10 songs about 900KB (up to about 90KB per song)
Teaching function
Right hand part off, left hand part off
Beat: 0 to 9 (Tempo range: quarter note = 20 to 255)
[MIDI Recorder] 2 tracks x 1 song, up to about 5,000 notes, instant recording/playback
[Recording] Up to 99 songs, each about 25 minutes long (44.1 kHz WAV format)
Other functions
  • Preset temperament: 17 types
  • top cover switch
  • Volume Sync Equalizer: 3 levels, off
  • headphone mode
  • Number of setting scenes: 15 presets, 10 user-defined
2 octaves (-12 semitones ~ 0 ~ +12 semitones)
Tuning control
A4 = 415.5Hz ~ 440.0Hz ~ 465.9Hz
grand piano pedal system
3 pedals (Damper, Soft, Sustain)
Half-pedal effect damper: continuous recognition, 5 position levels
16 cm x 2 + (10 cm + 5 cm) x 2
Three-way six-speaker
Amplifier output
30W x 2 + 20W x 2
input/output terminal
  • USB to host, USB to device
  • Headphone/Output Terminals: 2 (stereo standard jack)
  • LINE IN: 2 (L/Mono, R), standard jack
  • LINE OUT: 2 (L/Mono, R), standard jack
power requirements
AC Transformer (AD-E24500LW)
Dimensions (WxDxH)
1,462 x 489 x 1,003 mm (excluding music stand)
Body Color/Finish
black wood grain
Included accessories
Music stand, sheet music, piano chair, AC adaptor
EAN code
4971850362166 years
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