Discontinue CASIO GP-500 hybrid digital piano


HK$26,980.00  HK$38,980.00

By CASIO with one of the world's top three piano c. Bechstein co-developed the CELVIANO Grand Hybrid digital piano has been born! Combine Casio's latest Air Grand Sound Source to create a blend of the sounds of the world's three platform pianos (Berlin, Hamburg, Vienna). CELVIANO Grand Hybrid uses exactly the same stringing machine structure and keyboard material as the platform piano, and consists of full-size triangular piano keys made from Austrian cloud-shirt wood. The innovative Grand Acoustic System reproduces the up-and-down conveying characteristics of the platform's piano sound performance, with a four-channel sound system consisting of six speakers with a total output of 100W, resulting in a three-dimensional sound field that is very similar to a grand piano.


keyboard Platform Piano Hammer Action Keyboard (same as C. Bechstein Platform Piano Keyboard)
Touch sensing 5 sensitivities (weight 2, weight 1, normal, light 1, light 2), off
The source of the sound AiR Grand platform piano multi-directional morphology conversion source
The maximum number of complex tones 256
timbre 26 tones: Berlin Platform Piano, Berlin Platform Piano (soft, bright), Hamburg Platform Piano, Hamburg Platform Piano (Soft, Bright), Vienna Platform Piano, Vienna Platform Piano (Soft, Bright), Platform Piano (Modern, Rock, Jazz), Electric Piano 1, Electric Piano 2, FM E Piano, 60s E Piano, Keys, Vibrato, String 1, Strings 2, Orchestra, Jazz Organ, Electronic Organ 1, Electronic Organ 2, Beatrice, BEAT
Overlapping/splitting Overlapping/splitting
Digital sound Analog Concert Hall r: 12, Audience Settings: Player Position 1, Audience Position 3, Chorus: 4, Bright: 7, DSP Effector: (Partial Tone)
Built-in music Symphony Accompaniment (Audio): 15, Music Database (MIDI): 60, Platform Piano Tone Presentation: 6
Song expansion Up to 10, 900 KB (approx. 90 KB each)
Teaching functions Division on/off (Division teaching: right hand, left hand, hands)
metronome Beats: 0-9 beats ( beat range: ♩ = 20 ~ 255)
The recorder (MIDI) 2 track x 1 song, up to approximately 5,000 notes per song, live recording/rewind playback of up to 99 songs , each for approximately 25 minutes (USB carry-on, 44.1kHz WAV format required)
Other features Default average law: 17 top cover On /Off Field EQ change: 3 segments, turn off headphone mode
Shift 2 octaves (-12 to .12 half tones)
Fine-tune control A4 = 415.5Hz ~ 440.0Hz ~ 465.9Hz
pedal Platform Piano Pedal System 3 Pedal (tone, soft, hold) sound pedal half-step function: continuity sensing, 5 shade changes
horn 16 cm x 2 plus (10 cm plus 5 cm) x 23-channel, 6-horn
Output power 30W x 2 + 20W x 2
The input/output terminal USB: type A (drive below 32GB), type BMIDI IN / OUT headphones (standard 6.3 jack) x 2 line input (left/single tone, right), 6.3 standard jack line output (left/single tone, right), 6.3 standard jack
Power supply AC Transformer: AD-E24500LW
Dimensions (W x D x H) 1,434×489×963 mm (excluding racks)
weight 77.5 kg
color Satin black

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