Casio PX-770 Digital Piano Digital Piano


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The new PX-770 is equipped with a CASIO redesigned 88-key three contact sensor step-by-step weight keyboard.

This new keyboard creates a fingertip of the triangular piano sandalwood and ivory keyboard.

Built-in three touch sensors can capture the dynamics of the faster speed wheel pointer.
In addition, in order to improve performance, the new source engine and the new keyboard design have also taken into account the triangle
The piano tattoo different sizes of the pija fumes are the subtle relationship between the motion speed and the intensity of the finger.
Make the player feel a more excellent sound experience.

  • Keyboard: three touch sensors step-by-step weight keyboard, sandalwood and imitation teeth
  • Strength curve: 3 strength curves, fixed strength
  • Source: AIR Source (ACOUSTIC & Intelligent Resonator) "Multi-Dimensional Morphing Air Sound SOURCE"
  • Maximum donor: 128
  • Voice: Number of built-in tone 18 (3 direct color button)
  • Double piano mode:
  • Voice overlap: there is
  • Keyboard partition:
  • Concert Playing Song: Built 10 Concert
  • Built-in demonstration song: 60
  • User Song: 10
  • User music capacity: about 900KB (about 90KB /)
  • Teaching function: Separation / Off
  • Metronome: there is
  • Recording: Real-time recording
  • Speaker: 12 cm x 2
  • Music:
  • Pedal: Yes (SP-3)
  • Color: bk (black) WE (white)
  • Size: 1,357 x 299 x 833 mm
  • Weight: 31.5kg


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