Casio PX-870 digital piano


HK$6,980.00  HK$8,980.00

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***If you purchase a wooden frame with three pedals, the price does not include installation. The installation cost is $350, which can be stated in the remarks.

Carefully imitating the structural aesthetics of a traditional grand piano that can be opened and closed, almost perfect for the top models of Privia.

CASIO's unique piano board simulator reproduces the sound effect produced by the piano board being turned on.
The newly added virtual concert hall function reconstructs the acoustic characteristics of well-known concert halls all over the world, with timbre ranging from bright and clear scales to unrestrained, free and dizzying reverberations. Equipped with 10 high-fidelity live performances of orchestral music, the advanced adjustment system allows you to fully enjoy the vigorous and unlimited piano beauties in your home, as if you are in a lively concert scene.

keyboard 88 standard piano keys , second-generation triple-sensing scale hammer action keyboard , simulating the texture of ivory and ebony keys
Touch sensing 3 kinds of sensitivity, can be turned off
Sound source Multi-directional type conversion AiR audio source
Maximum polyphony 256
Timbre 18 built-in tones: piano ( concert hall , fashion , classical , round , bright ), electric piano 1, electric piano 2, FM electric piano , 60's electric piano , harpsichord , glockenspiel , string 1, string 2 , organ, organ jazz, an electronic organ, an electronic organ 2, Beishi 1 (bass)
Overlap/split Overlap (excluding bass tone) / Split (only bass tone range)
Digital sound Echo (4 types), chorus (4 types), bright (-3 ~ 0 ~ 3 ), DSP (some tone presets)
Built-in music 10 songs ( personal concert ) , 60 songs ( Piano Music Library )
Song expansion 10 songs (maximum 90KB per song)
Teaching function Division opening/closing (division teaching: right hand, left hand)
Metronome Beat: 0-9 beats per measure (beats range: = 20 ~ 255)
Recorder 2 tracks x 1 song, up to about 5000 notes per song, instant recording/playing
Recording/Playback {Maximum 99 songs, each about 25 minutes (44.1kHz WAV format)}
other functions . Traditional piano selector x2 (concert hall, modern), electric piano selector
. Slide cover
. Automatic shutdown: Automatic shutdown after 4 hours of inactivity (default value)
. Duo function
. Octave shift: ±2 octave
transposition 2 octaves (-12 ~ +12 semitones)
Fine tuning control A4 = 415.5Hz ~ 440.0Hz ~ 465.9 Hz
pedal 3 (sustain, damper, soft tone)
* Sustain = seamless operation
MIDI This product does not have MIDI terminals. MIDI can be connected to a computer via USB to communicate
speaker 12cm x 2 + 5cm x 2 (2 channels and 4 groups of speakers)
Output Power 20W + 20W
Input/output terminal . Headphone (standard stereo jack) x 2
. Line output (left/single tone, right)
. USB: type B
. External power supply: DC 24V
*When connecting to a computer, a USB cable (AB type) is required to connect to the USB terminal
Dimensions (W x D x H) 1,367 x 299 x 837mm
* Excluding music stand and other protrusions
weight 35.5 kg
colour PX-860BK : Black wood tone
PX-860WE : White wood tone
Includes accessories Transformer, sheet music, music stand, headphone stand

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