(Limited Time) Casio PX-S1100 Digital Piano


HK$5,188.00  HK$6,988.00

PX-S1100 This new model retains its stylish design on the basis of the world’s thinnest body, while providing an attractive keyboard touch and stunning realistic piano sound, which makes it a home, recording studio Or the ideal instrument for the stage.

Compact size and simple and elegant design

The new PX-S1100 uses Casio's most advanced technology, exquisite design, and has the most slender depth in the world. The slender and modern design complements each other in any home interior environment, allowing rooms with limited space to be fully utilized. PX-S1100 has golden embellishments and three colors-black, white, red-with a simple, elegant and neat appearance, with a mirror-like flat control panel. All settings are handled by touch buttons, which disappear when the piano is turned off. More importantly, PX-S1100 has the simplest interface in the Privia family.

Real piano sound and feel

Although the PX-S1100 has a slender appearance, it has a feel similar to a grand piano. Its counterweight is slightly heavier in the low range and becomes lighter as the player's range on the keyboard rises. The improved string resonance reproduces the complex harmonics of an acoustic piano. The upgraded speakers and speaker positions give the PX-S1100 a warmer tone than ever before. The multi-dimensional shaping AiR Sound Source provides a sense of environment, positioning and clarity. The advanced sound engine reflects the changes in volume and timbre, allowing users to achieve performances ranging from gentle and delicate to dynamic and powerful, all of which have the ultimate musical expression.

Interface, wired or wireless

The connection function of PX-S1100 is higher than that of competing products because it comes with a WU-BT10 adapter, which adds Bluetooth MIDI and audio functions, allowing users to connect wirelessly to compatible Bluetooth devices and turn the piano itself into a Bluetooth speaker. This revolutionary upgrade provides self-study and music production functions, because users can play their favorite songs and hear everything through the Privia high-fidelity speakers. In addition, the dedicated Chordana Play for Piano application opens the entire world of teaching functions, allowing players to control all the functions of the piano from a tablet (via Bluetooth or USB connection), and provides real-time interactive lessons to make learning music more enjoyable. Attractive.

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