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Casio PX160 Detachable Digital Piano

Casio PX160 Detachable Digital Piano

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The price is $3988 for the main unit + x-frame + single pedal
Wooden frame with three pedals $4988

Casio PX-160 Color: Gold/Black

A natural reproduction of the expressiveness and resonance of a traditional piano never seen before.

PX-160BK provides multi-directional form conversion AiR sound source technology, and thoroughly pursues the wonderful sound quality of traditional pianos.

keyboard 88 standard piano keys, second-generation triple-sensing scale hammer action keyboard, emulated ivory and ebony style keys
touch sensor 3 sensitivities, can be turned off
sound source Multi-directional type conversion AiR audio source
maximum polyphony 128
timbre 18 built-in tones: Piano (Hall, Stylish, Classic, Round, Bright), Electronic Keyboard, FM Keyboard, 60's Keyboard, Wing Piano, Vibraphone String 1, String 2, Pipe Organ, Jazz Organ, Electronic Organ 1, Electronic Organ 2, Bass 1, Bass 2
overlap/split Overlay (excluding bass tone) / Split (bass tone range only)
digital sound Echo (4 types), Chorus (4 types), Bright, DSP ( -3 ~ 0 ~ 3 )
Built-in Song 60 songs (song library)
Song expansion 1 song (maximum 90KB)
Teaching function Section on/off (section teaching: right hand, left hand)
Metronome Beat: 0, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ( Beat range: ♩ = 20 ~ 255)
recorder 2 tracks x 1 track, up to about 5000 notes, instant recording/playback
other functions . Traditional piano selectors x2 (concert hall, modern), electric piano selectors

. Duo function

. Auto Power Off: Auto power off after 4 hours of inactivity (default)

. Octave shift: ±2 octaves

. panel lock
transposition 2 octaves (-12 ~ +12 semitones)
fine-tuning control A4 = 415.5Hz ~ 440.0Hz ~ 465.9Hz
pedal . Included: SP-3 (terminal x1)

. Optional: SP-33 (Sustain, Damper, Soft)
MIDI This product does not have a MIDI terminal. MIDI can be connected to a computer via USB for communication
trumpet [ 13 cm / 6 cm (rectangular) x 2 ]
Output Power 8W + 8W
input/output terminal . Headphones (standard stereo jack) x 2

. Pedal x 1 (Sustain)

. 3 pedal unit connection

. USB: type B

. External power supply: DC 12V

* When connecting to a computer, a USB cable (AB type) is required to connect the USB terminal
Dimensions (W x D x H) 1,322 x 286 x 135mm (main unit)

1,322 x 286 x 760mm (with optional CS-67PBK/67PWE rack)

* Does not include frame and other protrusions
11.1kg (host)

21.1kg (with optional CS-67PBK/67PWE rack)
color PX-150BK: Pearl black tone

PX-150BN: cool white tone
Included accessories Pedal (SP-3), AC Transformer, Sheet Music, Music Stand, Dust Jacket
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