CASIO PXS-3100 Digital Piano


HK$6,188.00  HK$8,900.00


Since its release in January 2019, the new CASIO PX-S series (Slim, Stylish, Smart) has won the favor of young consumers around the world with its novel and stylish designs, and won the German Red Dot Product Design Award in 2020.

The new one also uses a mirrored touch switch panel, which is simple and stylish, and is easy to integrate into any home environment. PX-S1100 is a basic electric piano, and PX-S3100 is a multifunctional electric piano with automatic accompaniment.

Added WU-BT10 wireless Bluetooth adapter for consumers, allowing users to connect wirelessly with smart devices. In addition to using the piano as a Bluetooth speaker to play music wirelessly, you can also use many APP applications, including for controlling Casio Xinpiao Chordana Play for Piano of rhyme digital piano.

The new PX-S1100 has three appearance colors of black, white and red for consumers to choose, and the PX-S3100 is available in black. The new product is expected to be officially shipped globally in September 2021.

Number of keys: 88
Key action: smart zoom hammer action keyboard
Touch response: 5 sensitivity levels, off
88-key digital zoom: yes
Hammer response: Yes
Key off response: Yes
Polyphony (maximum): 192
Number of built-in tones: 700
Sound source: Multi-dimensional deformation AiR
Layer: Yes
Split: yes
Acoustic simulator
String resonance: Yes (4 types, off) Damper
Resonance: Yes (4 types, closed)
Key operation noise: Yes (4 types, closed)
Noise: Yes (4 types, closed)
Digital effect
Sound Mode Hall Simulator / Reverb: Hall Simulator 4, Reverb 8
Sound Mode Surround: 2
Chorus: 12
Brilliance: Yes
DSP: Yes (built-in some tones + 100 presets, editable)
Accompaniment rhythm
Number of built-in rhythms: 200
One-key preset: 200
Course function: part ON/OFF
Course function part selection: right hand, left hand, two hands
Demonstration song: 6
Song expansion (user song): 10
Additional features
Connect to the App: Chordana play piano ver.2.4
Bluetooth: wireless MIDI and audio adapter (WU-BT10), including
Bluetooth version 5.0, Bluetooth audio profile: A2DP, codec: SBC
MIDI Bluetooth Profile: GATT (MIDI via Bluetooth ® low energy)
MIDI recorder/playback: 3 tracks (1 system track + 2 tracks), 5 songs, insert recording
MIDI recorder/playback data capacity: about 30,000 notes
Recorder/Playback: Maximum. 99 songs, each song is about 25 minutes
Duet mode: Yes
Octave conversion: -2 octave to 0 to +2 octave
Metronome: 0 to 9 beats; Tempo range: 20 to 255
Pedal: Including: SP-3, optional 3-pedal unit: SP-34 (damper, soft, sustain)
Pedal half damper pedal: Yes (optional 3-pedal unit)
Key Transposel: -12 semitones to 0 to +12 semitones
Tuning control: A4 = 415.5 Hz to 440.0 Hz to 465.9 Hz
Scale tuning (temperament): equal temperament + 16 variations
Pitch bend wheel: Yes
Controller: 2 knobs
Operation lock: Yes
Others: touch button: 18 (tone selection button: 6), registration: 96 settings (4 areas x 24 banks), music presets: 310, automatic harmony: 12 types, arpeggiator: 100 types, Automatic shut-down
Full dot matrix LCD with backlight
Yes (GM level 1 compatible)
Connect and store
PHONES / OUTPUT: PHONES: 2 (Stereo mini jack)
Pedals: 1 (Damper)
Connector for 3-Pedal Unit: Yes (SP-34)
LINE OUT: 2 L/MONO, R (Standard jack)
USB Type A: Yes (wireless MIDI and audio adapter)
USB Type B: Yes
Speakers and amplifiers
Speaker size: [16cm × 8cm (ellipse)] × 2
Speaker speaker system: 2 speakers
Amplifier: 8W + 8W
power supply
AC adapter: AD-A12150LW
Battery drive: AA battery x 6
Continuous battery life: about 2 hours
1,322 x 232 x 102 mm
11.4 kg
Included accessories
Wireless MIDI and audio adapter (WU-BT10), pedal (SP-3), music stand, AC adapter (AD-A12150LW)

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