(2021 store manager's introduction) the more accurate workshop ENA EN-90 single-board solid wood electric wood knot him


HK$1,588.00  HK$2,988.00

The more inhibited the workshop Chard x Sqoe 2021 launched handcrafted single-board solid wood knots he, 40 inches in size just fine,

Whether it's a tall boy, or a fine-grained girl canEasy to navigate。 

The 2021 version is equipped with a sound pickup function, when needed can plug in the speaker, as a junction for other uses.

The neck and strings are designed with young bodies and are suitable for Asian hand types.Easy to 㩒, more suitable for playing.


The panel features Japanese red pine solid wood (Single-board solid woodTop Solid),

Generally on the market more than 3000 yuan knot he only crystal using solid wood.



A single board means that wood comes from the same wood without adding any wood.



The wood of the panel determines his grade, so whether the panel is a single board or a board, the price is very different.

The board is designed to reduce the consumption of high-quality wood, will be thinly cut after adding cheap wood in the middle, so the cost is reduced.



The panel of the single board is on the sound transfer or co-wow, because there is no barrier of wood and adhesive,

will have an unparalleled advantage over the board.


And most importantly, the single knot will open with the playing, with the vibration of the years,

The moisture and air in the wood will slowly force out and the tone will be more robust.

panel:Japanese red pine solid wood(Cedar)

Japanese red pine is a kind of high-grade wood, produced in Meong Prefecture, Japan, often used in high-grade classical knots.

timbreWarm and bright, the conduction speed is fast, the sound of each grain is clear. Because of some of the many bullet Fingerstyle knot his hand, all like to use red pine wood knot him.

Another important point, red pine wood boring secretResin scentitself to prevent squirrels and insects from invading.

This aroma not only adds a left woody aroma to the knot, but is also more durable than other wood in Hong Kong's humid environment.

Back and side plates:Brazilian rosewood

In 2003, Brazil restricted the import and export of rosewood around the world and lifted it in 2018.

But the price has gone up by 40%. It is now difficult to find Production in BrazilRosewood's entry knotted him.


However, because of its high stability and hard wood, rosewood has not yet been replaced by other wood.

knot his configuration

Neck: Japan's Nadu wood
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Qinqiao: Rosewood
String length 541mm
Matte light
Number of products 20
Color: Logs

Attached: Piano bag, Pick

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