2021 Re-engraved English version yaMAHA P115 detachable digital piano


HK$4,988.00  HK$6,988.00

The price is for the host, the x-frame, and the one-legged pedal $4988
The wooden frame has three feet in a row $6188

Yamaha P-115 overview

The latest model of the P-Series digital piano, the P-115, enhances piano playing and accompaniment, and can be paired with the iOS app for easier operation.


Meet the piano playing ability of professional players

The P-115 digital piano has a lightweight, portable design with excellent traditional piano tones and touches. Whether professional or novice, it's easy to enjoy playing.

Traditional piano-like playing touch


P-115 uses 88-key GHS progressive hammer standard keyboard (Graded Hammer Standard), bass keys will have a heavier touch of the keys, while the high-pitched keys will have a lighter touch of the keys, keyboard force sensing can also be adjusted according to the user's playing style parameters. In addition to GHS progressive hammer standard keyboard, black key fog paint makes this digital piano play like a traditional piano feel.

Enjoy the touch of playing the piano on the platform

The P-115 incorporates pure CF platform piano tones (Pure CF sound engine) sampled from YAMAHA's world-renowned CFIIIS platform piano. The P-115 further improves resonance technology to create real platform piano echoes that allow advanced players to demonstrate more nuanced skill. The touch-key reaction like a platform piano must make you love it.

A vocal design that makes the performer more comfortable

The P-115 improves the position of the treble speakers, giving the melodic lines a better echo and a better playing experience. The new settings make the instrument's tone more active and flexible.

Make the play a more beautiful tone and rhythm

The P-115 not only perfectly interprets the real piano, but also brings your performance to life with other tones and rhythms. Perfect for players who want to add playing elements and enjoy different musical styles.

Use the rhythm to make the performance more gorgeous

Rhythm makes monotonous and boring exercises more fun! P-115 built-in 14 of the most popular simple rhythms, including Pop, Jazz, Bossanova... With more hot rhythms. You can also use the metronometer function to adjust the speed of the rhythm.

Wonderful remnants and diverse tones

The P115 has a wide range of built-in tones to choose from, from traditional pianos to electric pianos, organs, strings, bass... Wait a minute. These tones can also be enhanced by four different residual settings, making the music more round and smooth.

Recital Hall
Clean noise, as if in a medium-sized piano recital hall.
Concert Hall
Bright, bold remnants, like being in a large symphony orchestra concert hall.
"Sha Dragon"
Comfortable sound suitable for chamber music, as if in a large room.
Crisp remnants, like being in a showroom or a jazz club.

Live with accompaniment style to increase the fun of playing

Use piano-style accompaniment to turn simple music into gorgeous music, automatically adding an accompaniment to your melodic chords. A selection of ten different piano accompaniment styles is ideal for players who are learning to play both hands while playing melodies and accompaniments.

More simple and convenient features, sound output makes playing more perfect

The P-115 adds an external output (AUX-OUT) function that outputs sound to an external speaker, allowing sound to perform best in different venues, such as concerts, parties, and more.
The P-115 also has a USB TO HOST function that connects directly to the computer.

Free apps make it easier to operate!


size wide 1326mm
high 163mm
deep 295mm
weight weight 11.8kg

control panel

keyboard The number of keys 88


keyboard class GHS progressive hammer standard keyboard, black key fog surface paint

control panel

keyboard Touch sensing Strong/medium/weak/fixed
control panel language English


Source sampling technology Piano tone Pure CF platform piano tone engine
The number of sounds The maximum number of simultaneous sounds 192
Built-in The number of tones 14


class residual sound Yes (four)
type Smart Voice Control (IAC) Yes


Types Damper Resonance Yes


function Duo/Tone Overlap (Dual) Yes
Split the tone Yes
cover Yes


default The number of built-in pieces 14 show with 50 piano pieces
recording The number of pieces of music 1
The number of recording tracks 2
Data capacity 100 KB/song (nearly 11,000 notes)
Compatible with data formats Play SMF (format 0, format 1)
recording SMF (format 0)


Overall control metronome Yes
The shooting speed range 5 - 280
Shift -6 to 0,0 to .6
tuning 414.8 - 440.0 - 446.8 Hz


Rhythm 14
Style 10 (Piano Style Accompaniment)

Store and connect

Connection DC input DC IN 12 V

Store and connect

connect Headphone jack Standard x 2
Auxiliary pedal Yes (FC3A)

Store and connect

Connection Foot pedal part Yes (by region)

Store and connect

connect MIDI not

Expander with speakers

Expand the machine 7 W x 2
loudspeaker 12 cm x 2 + 4 cm x 2

Power supply

Electricity supply PA-150B or other official recommended transformers

Power supply

Power consumption 6 W (using PA-150 transformer)

Electricity supply

Automatic shutdown Yes


Shop for accessories Spectrum (depending on location, may not be available for purchase) Yes
Accessories are included Pedal/foot pedal switch Yes
AC transformers PA-150B or other official recommended transformers

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