TS 15W speaker

飛騰音樂中心 Flight Music Centre

HK$488.00  HK$998.00

Model: 15W dual speaker
Brand: TS
Function: Double input

Equilibrium: High/medium/bass adjustment
External: Headphone output/series output
Power supply: 220V


1: Distortion, the original sound of two effects.

2: Two input holes (can be connected guitar, microphone, MP3, computer as a computer speaker), one output hole (can be connected to headphones).


Scope of application: electric guitar battery guitar bass electronic piano computer MP3 microphone

Speaker volume: Length: 34.5CM Width: 20CM Height: 31.5CM


TS GT-15 W

Ballad wood guitarSpeakers

The electric guitar sound band distorts the effect

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