ENA sound insulation mat sound insulation blanket sound insulation felt (can be used for walls, floors, ceilings)


HK$980.00  HK$1,280.00

2023【Mandarin Oriental Hotel Room】

(Using NE-100 sound insulation board and NE-200 sound insulation blanket)

【Sound insulation performance measurement】Mandarin Oriental hotel room

Adopted in the 2nd floor sound insulation project (wall body)

Adopted in the 4th floor sound insulation project (smallpox)

Adopted in the 4th floor sound insulation project (wall + floor)

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  • this productonly suitable forExperienced Decorator
  • The weight of this product is 24kg per roll,Not suitableNovice DIY
  • A roll 2mm thick, 1m x 10m long
  • this productSound insulation engineering building materials, excluding installation price
  • This product is a base material, which needs to be used in conjunction with fabric construction to achieve the best effect
  • If the customer installs by himself,  Project quality and risks need to be borne by themselves

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