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Pure Japanese Ena Violin No.10 (4/4~1/16)

Pure Japanese Ena Violin No.10 (4/4~1/16)

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The selling point of Ena violins is that they are 100% pure Japanese made and come with a lifetime of care.

From the original wood, the body, the bow, the bridge, and even the case, all carefully crafted by Japanese craftsmen.

Products, processing and quality management are all very meticulous, and the price is more affordable than the tens of thousands of European pianos. It is the best choice for one-step implementation.

original piano case

original bow,

Strings: PRELUDE 
Bridge: AUBERT #5 
Tailpiece: Wittner ULTRA 

※Panel: Using
spruce wood of Japanese pine family

Rear plate: Side plate and scroll The table plate: Maple (Maple),

Fetboard: Ebony (Japanese domestic ebony) is used.

※Spruce has a straight wood grain, which can quickly transmit vibration to the entire board.

In addition, since it contains rosin, which is a resin, the wood gains a greater volume by curing the rosin part in the drying process of the wood.

※Because maple has many cuts, it is easy to vibrate slightly for hard cutting.

4/4SIZE tall at least 145cm
3/4SIZE height ~ 130 cm 145 
1/2SIZE height ~ 125 cm 130 
1/4SIZE height ~ 115 cm 125 
1/8SIZE height ~ 110 cm 115 
1/10SIZE height ~ 105cm 110 
Below 1/16SIZE height 105cm

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