Pure Japanese Ena Violin No.10 (4/4 to 1/16)


HK$4,988.00  HK$7,988.00

Ena violins are sold in 100% pure Japanese manufacturing and provide life-long maintenance.

By the original wood, piano body, bow, piano bridge, so that the piano box, are carefully crafted by the Japanese staff.

Products, processing, quality management are very fine, and the price, than tens of thousands of dollars of European piano, is a step in place of choice.

Original piano box


Strings: PRELUDE 
Code: AUBERT.5 
Tailpiece:Wittner ULTRA 

Panel: Use Japan
Spruce of the pine family

Back plate: side board and scroll the surface: maple (maple),

Fingerboard: Ebony (Japanese-made ebony) is used.

Spruce has a straight wood pattern that quickly transmits vibration to the entire board.

In addition, because it contains rosin, he is a resin that obtains a greater volume by curing the pine part tight in the process of drying the wood.

Because maple trees have many incisions, it is easy to vibrate slightly for hard cutting.

4 / 4SIZE tall 145 cm at least
3 / 4SIZE height - 130 cm 145 
1 / 2SIZE height - 125 cm 130 
1 / 4SIZE height - 115 cm 125 
1 / 8SIZE height - 110 cm 115 
1 / 10SIZE height to 105 cm 110 
105 cm below 1/16SIZE height


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