ENA soundproof cotton Hong Kong Science and Technology Park SGS certified fireproof soundproof board harmless formaldehyde certified sound-absorbing board


HK$58.00  HK$17,400.00

Hong Kong Science and Technology Park SGS laboratory certification

Fire Services Department approved British Standard (highest fire rating)

ENA sound insulation panels, flame retardant activated carbon has been added,

According to the fire test approved by Hong Kong Fire Services Department(British Standard BS-476-6 Fire Retardant Requirements for Walls and Ceilings)

Passed the SGS laboratory inspection of Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (I=6.4, Class 0 requirements)

Further reading: [Industrial building fire] Sound insulation cotton caused disaster and dozens of relatives identified dead bodies - HK01 (2019)

Further reading: Highly flammable sound insulation cotton releases poisonous gas, two people in danger - Sing Tao Daily (2017)

Further reading:【3 Fires in Dead Industrial Buildings】Pasting soundproof cotton into a deadly trap-Sky Post (2017)

Hong Kong Science and Technology Park SGS laboratory certification

EU Super E0 formaldehyde (highest safety level)

ENA sound insulation board, has added formaldehyde decomposition material,

According to the formaldehyde test approved by the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department (Formaldehyde emission EN717 Part1)

passPassed the SGS laboratory test of Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (mg/m3=0.05, Super E0 level)

Further reading: Audi sound insulation cotton formaldehyde exceeds the standard, more than 80 car owners have died of cancer and 7 died-TVBS(2019)

Further reading: [Audi carcinogenic storm] sound insulation cotton volatilizes formaldehyde, beware of unscrupulous Taobao products Apple Daily (2019)

Delivery in one box (50 pieces), self-pickup at Mong Kok store in bulk

[Sound-absorbing performance measurement] Strong sound absorption, reduce the volume

[Sound insulation performance measurement] High density, blocking sound penetration

【Ultra High Density】Space saving, performance unchanged

thickness≠ density

Sound insulation = sound absorption (energy absorption) + sound insulation (high density) to block sound penetration

densedegrees = weight

NE-100 sound insulation cotton density = 120 kg/m3 (weight per cubic meter = 120 kg)

NE-200 sound insulation blanket density = 1200kg/m3 (weight per cubic meter = 1200 kg)

Highest density sponge = 50 kg/m3 ONLY (weight per cubic meter = 50 kg) ONLY

Weight x 2 = STC +6

The law of mass: Double the weight = increase the sound insulation by 6 decibels

The back of the sound-absorbing panel is softenedsponge or any material, without adding weight, only to increase the sound-absorbing function

The weight of the material itself = sound insulation performance


White/silver gray/beige/dark camel, in stock at Mong Kok store

One box of other colors (50 pieces) minimum order

ENA 48-tone® blends unique colors for ever-changing combinations

Additional purchase of 48 color suits (48 pieces 30x30cm)

Self-designed, unlimited possibilities ($1880 / Set )

30x60cm, in stock at Mong Kok store

Other sizes, order from 14.4 square meters

Safe and reliable, widely adopted by public institutions

With the whole series of ENA, the effect is better

  • Dimensions60 x 30 cm x 1.3 cm
  • The error of each sheet is 1~3 mm
  • price for one piece
  • Delivery in one box or more, bulk pick-up at Mong Kok store or SF Express
  • Once the building materials are purchased, there is no return or exchange
  • If the customer installs by himself or hires another master, he shall bear the project quality and risks by himself

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