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Ena Acoustic

ENA acoustic panel【SGS certified】fireproof & harmless soundproof foam

ENA acoustic panel【SGS certified】fireproof & harmless soundproof foam

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SGS certified

Fire Services Department approved British Standard (BS-476)

  • Flame retardant activated carbon has been added
  • According to the fire test approved by Hong Kong Fire Services Department
  • (British Standard BS-476-6 Fire Retardant Requirements for Walls and Ceilings)
  • Passed the SGS laboratory inspection of Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (I=6.4, Class 0 requirements)

EU Super E0 formaldehyde (highest safety level)

  • Added formaldehyde decomposition material,
  • According to the formaldehyde test approved by the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department (Formaldehyde emission EN717 Part1)
  • Passed the SGS laboratory test of Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (mg/m3=0.05, Super E0 level)

Swatches, various sizes, complete what you need

  • Soundproofing product brochure with details and certificates
  • Relevant documents with past usage records are also attached
  • It is more handy when presenting to the government or corporate sector

Safe and effective, the model designated by major institutions

  • Hotels, government departments, etc. have strict requirements on materials
  • ENA sound insulation, sound absorption products have been used in the following properties
  • Places that need to be licensed can also be used with peace of mind

【Mandarin Oriental Hotel Room】

  • Adopt ENA sound insulation board (120x240cm) and ENA sound insulation blanket
  • Underlayer sound insulation blanket to increase the density of the door
  • The surface layer of soundproof cotton increases density and absorbs sound at the same time

【Department of Health】

  • Adopt ENA sound insulation board (30x60cm)
  • Cut the sound insulation cotton thinly to fill the gap to achieve the sealing effect
  • The surface layer of sound insulation cotton increases density and absorbs sound at the same time

【Immigration Office】

  • Adopt ENA sound insulation board (30x60cm)
  • Double-layer sound insulation cotton was used on site to increase the weight of the wall
  • The sound insulation cotton on the surface layer increases density and absorbs sound at the same time

【Caritas Hong Kong】

  • Using ENA sound insulation cotton (30x60cm) silver gray
  • Remove the old sound-absorbing cotton on site and replace it with new sound-absorbing panels
  • The new sound insulation and sound-absorbing panels have improved various performances than before

【Polytechnic University】

  • Adopt ENA sound insulation board and ENA sound insulation blanket
  • Combining sound insulation blanket and sound insulation cotton, the density is increased
  • Solved the problem of sound interference between classrooms

Free Shipping for All Asia 

  • Same day delivery in HK (30x60cm) min. one box
  • 7-14 days delivery across Asia
  • Including Singapore, Malaysia

Mong Kok Headquarter, Welcome field test

  • ENA sound insulation cotton can be tested at the main store in Mong Kok.
  • Located in the most central area, above the exit of the bank center of the subway station.
  • FlightMusic has 12 chain stores in Hong Kong.

Delivery in one box (50 pieces), self-pickup at Mong Kok store in bulk

  • Double-effect sound-proof and sound-absorbing cotton, standard size 30x60cm
  • Customers can also customize other sizes

[Sound-absorbing performance test]
Strong sound absorption, reduce the volume

  • The following video tests the sound absorption capacity of the sound insulation cotton
  • ENA sound insulation board has the function of sound absorption coefficient 0.8
  • The actual measurement effectively reduces the volume and improves the sound quality

【Sound insulation performance test】
Mandarin Oriental hotel room

  • The following video tests the effectiveness of ENA sound insulation blankets and sound insulation panels
  • The performance of the bottom layer of sound insulation blanket is STC-27, with the surface layer of sound-absorbing cotton
  • Measured to effectively reduce more than 15 decibels

【Ultra High Density】Space saving, performance unchanged

  • ENA sound-absorbing panels, compressed
  • Density is 120kg/m3, with considerable weight
  • More beautiful and space-saving than the old sound insulation cotton


≠ density

Sound insulation = sound absorption (energy absorption) + sound insulation (high density) to block sound penetration

densedegrees = weight

NE-100 sound insulation cotton density = 120 kg/m3 (weight per cubic meter = 120 kg)

NE-200 sound insulation blanket density = 1200

kg/m3 (weight per cubic meter = 1200 kg)

Highest density sponge = 50kg/m3 ONLY

 (weight per cubic meter = 50 kg) ONLY

【Easy to install】

  • ENA sound-absorbing panels can easily DIY
  • All you need is a cutter and adhesive gule
  • More beautiful and space-saving 


  • ENA sound-absorbing panels can be used on different surface
  • Walls, ceiling, doors are also suitable
  • Suitable for different objective

White/silver gray/beige/dark camel, in stock at Mong Kok store

One box of other colors (50 pieces) minimum order

ENA 48-tone® blends unique colors for ever-changing combinations

30x60cm, in stock at Mong Kok store

Other sizes, order from 14.4 square meters


  • The following are the sound insulation panels used in the Wan Chai Drum House in 2022
  • With the beige color, it creates a sense of design while soundproofing
  • Minimum order of 30 pieces


  • The following are the sound-absorbing panels used in the North Point Drum Room in 2022
  • With the sky blue feature wall, it creates a warm feeling while soundproofing
  • Minimum order of 20 pieces


  • The following are the sound insulation panels adopted by Cloud Point in Tai Kok Tsui in 2023
  • The floor is high, while sound insulation and sound absorption, it looks elegant and generous
  • Minimum order of 10 pieces


  • The following are the full-scale acoustic panels adopted in Central Plaza in 2023
  • In this case, the borderless design is used without beveled edges
  • Minimum order of 5 pieces

With the whole series of ENA, the effect is better

  • ENA Acoustic Blanket for subfloor for added density and weight
  • It is often used to cooperate with the surface layer of sound insulation cotton


  • We are very happy to arrange for you
  • Accept orders from 200 square feet

Material Calculation

  • Use our engineered soundproofing materialsQuantity calculator
  • Enter the length and height of the wall to get the quantity instantly

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions 60 x 30 cm x 0.9 cm
  • The error of each sheet is 1~3 mm
  • price for one piece
  • Delivery in one box or more, bulk pick-up at Mong Kok store or SF Express
  • Once the building materials are purchased, there is no return or exchange
  • If the customer installs by himself or hires another master, he shall bear the project quality and risks by himself

Frequently Asked Questions Q&A

1. What is the sound insulation (STC) and sound absorption (NRC) data?

The STC of NE-100 is 15 and the NRC index is 0.75. If you need to enhance the STC value, you can use it in the bottom layer ENA sound insulation blanket, STC is 27.

2. Is it fireproof?

ENA NE-100 products have fire characteristics, the fire rating is Class 0, I=6.4, British Standard BS-476-6

3. Is there any effect on human body and environment?

NE-100 is made of environmentally friendly and non-toxic materials, which are safe and harmless to human body and environment.

4. What scenarios does it apply to?

It is suitable for various sound insulation needs, including residences, offices, music rooms, mechanical equipment rooms, etc. It can be used to insulate walls, ceilings, floors and ducts to reduce noise transmission.

5. What is the life expectancy?

Sound insulation cotton has good durability and longevity. When properly installed and maintained, it can provide sound insulation that lasts for many years.

6. How to maintain and clean?

Acoustic panels require no special maintenance. To clean, use a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth to gently wipe the surface. Avoid chemical cleaners as they may damage the material.

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