ENA soundproof curtain [USPTO certification] soundproof curtain and sound-absorbing curtain


HK$300.00  HK$6,980.00

USPTO registered patent

Certified by ICAS Acoustic Laboratory

ENA acoustic curtains are produced under license from the patent holder,

Through the innovative textile sound insulation technology, effectively block household noise.

The STC experimental result is 17 dB, and the UHF noise rejection is as high as 30 dB.

USPTO documents:


Sound insulation performance test

Simulate racing noise, noisy street sound

Soundproof curtains, household test

same style as theater chain, welcome to test

ENA sound-proof curtains can stand the test, and the performance can be tested in the Mong Kok store.

The Mongkok main store is located in the most central area, above the exit of the bank center of the subway station.

Effective heat insulation, 100% shading rate

Sandwich sandwich design, the sound insulation material in the middle has the function of light insulation and heat insulation.

This design does not require coating on the surface of the curtain,

Can effectively block UV, zerocoating,Achieving 0% formazan.

High-density velvet, strong sound absorption

Includes full set of accessories

4 claw hooks x 8 (per meter)

Receiving rope x1

Additional purchase of rails and accessories ($180 per meter)


track length (m) Fabric Width (m)
within 1 meter 1.45
1 - 2 meters
2 - 2.6 meters 4.3
2.6 - 4 meters 6

Product Details

Size: can be customized

Material: surface and bottom velvet, interlayer sound insulation and heat insulation materials

Weight: 2000g/square meter

Error: 1~3 mm

Price does not include installation

Once the building materials are purchased, there is no return or exchange

If the customer installs by himself or hires another master, he shall bear the project quality and risks by himself

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