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Ena Acoustic

Ena Soundproof Curtain [SGS Certified] Acoustic sound dampening absorbing Drapes

Ena Soundproof Curtain [SGS Certified] Acoustic sound dampening absorbing Drapes

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U.S. Patent Office registered

SGS Laboratory Certified

  • Specifically designed for sound insulation
  • The only one on the market that achieve noise reduction of 16 to 36 decibels.

Proved sound insulation 16-36 decibels (100-4k Hz)

  • Ena Silence soundproof curtains have been patented by the USPTO 
  • Tested according to American ASTM E90 standard
  • Passed SGS laboratory test
  • When used with 2 times fold, the maximum isolation is 36.3 decibels

Safe and effective, designated brand by major institutions

  • Hotels, government departments, etc. have strict requirements on materials.
  • ENA sound insulation and sound absorbing products have been used in the following properties
  • You can use it safely even in places where licensing is required.

Can be fireproofed and suitable for use by public institutions

  • For premises that require licensing, please contact us
  • Can be processed for fire protection, on behalf of the Fire Department FS251

    Actual measurement of sound insulation performance

    • The following video actually measures the noise of simulated racing cars
    • Noisy street noise, construction noise
    • Actual measurement effectively reduces the volume significantly.

    Effective heat insulation, 100% shading rate

    • Sandwich design, the sound insulation material in the middle has light and heat insulation functions.
    • This design does not require coating on the surface of the curtain.
    • Can effectively block UV, zero Coating to achieve 0% methane.

    High-density velvet, strong sound absorption

    • ENA soundproof curtains are made of high-density velvet on the surface and bottom layer
    • With strong sound absorption function
    • Create a peaceful atmosphere in your home

    Includes full set of accessories

    • 4 prong hook x 8 (per meter)
    • Storage rope x1

    Purchase additional rails and accessories ($180 per meter)

    Calculation of required materials

    • Width is a multiple of 1.45 meters (eg. 2.9 / 4.35 meters)
    • it is recommended to add 1cm to the floor
    • It is recommended to buy 1.5 times of fold (eg. the window width is 1 meter, buy 1.45 meters Width)
    Track length (meters) Fabric width (meters)
    Within 1 meter 1.45
    1 - 2 meters
    2 - 2.6 meters 4.3
    2.6 - 4 meters 6

    Acoustic consultant

    • We are happy to arrange for you
    • 1000+ acoustic case have been solved by our team
    • Whatsapp us for further enquires.

    Product Details

    • Size: can be customized
    • Material: velvet on surface and bottom layer, sandwich sound insulation and heat insulation material
    • Weight: 1000g / square meter
    • Error: 1~3 mm
    • Price does not include installation
    • Once purchased, building materials cannot be returned or exchanged.
    • If the customer installs it by himself or hires another master to install it, he is responsible for the quality and risk of the project.

    Return & Refund Policy (International Purchase)

    • Your customer right is well protected by Google, Paypal or credit card refund system.
    • Even in International purchase
    • We record video of the packaging and labeling process (with tracking number) before ship.
    • 7 days return & refund if product damage, for detail click here.


    What is the shading rate of ENA soundproof curtains? ENA soundproof curtains adopt a sandwich sandwich design, and the soundproof material in the middle has light-blocking function. There is no need to add a coating on the surface of the curtain, it can effectively block UV and achieve 100% shading rate.
    Do ENA soundproof curtains have heat insulation function? Yes, the middle layer of ENA soundproof curtains has a heat insulation function, which can help regulate indoor temperature, save energy and protect the environment.
    What occasions are ENA soundproof curtains suitable for? ENA soundproof curtains are suitable for various occasions such as homes, offices, schools, hotels, etc. They can effectively reduce noise and provide a quiet and comfortable environment.
    How to customize the size of ENA soundproof curtains? You can provide specific requirements based on the size of your windows, and we will tailor a suitable soundproof curtain for you.
    What accessories are needed to install ENA soundproof curtains? ENA soundproof curtains include a full set of accessories, including 4-claw hooks x 8 (per meter) and storage rope x 1. You can also purchase additional rails and accessories ($180 per meter).
    How to clean and maintain ENA soundproof curtains? It is recommended to use a soft brush or vacuum cleaner to remove surface dust. If there are stains, wipe them gently with a damp cloth and avoid using cleaners containing bleach.
    Are ENA soundproof curtains fireproof? Public institutions such as schools and hotels can purchase a fireproof version with an FS251 certificate issued by the Fire Services Department to meet licensing requirements. Welcome to contact us for quotation
    How to buy ENA soundproof curtains?

    You can provide specific requirements based on the size of your windows, and we will tailor a suitable soundproof curtain for you.
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