Fanyip to box his box

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HK$498.00  HK$698.00

Electric guitar special box

Fit for LP/ST/ST/RG/TELE/Plane LPguitar

The invention is better in protective and moisture-proof effect by using the llianwood solid wood board.

Work, study, standard, electrical knot, his box.

fashionable and beautiful streamlined design,

A delicate process.

-Solid, wearable, patterned artificial leather surface materials (1 # fine patterns)

-Wood crates that are made of good quality, non-deformable wood

-Internal pad is high density sponge and soft velvet material-surface leather seam novel, unique

-Metal feet, on the side and bottom of the wooden box.

-1 metal handle with soft artificial leather, bearing 40 kg

-In wooden boxes, hard sponges are especially added around the body to provide better protection.

-An independent sponge pad above the neck, body and neck, providing additional protection

-Strong, generous instrument neck support box (single neck support) has an independent lid, which can place more parts

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