Flight Music Care+


HK$170.00  HK$3,100.00

Feiteng Music products come with a one-year limited warranty (non-human damage) and up to 90 days of free technical support.

To extend the coverage period, you can add FlightMusicCare+ full-service plan when purchasing new products.

Join the FlightMusicCare+ service plan to extend the coverage period until you purchased it Two years from the date of the service plan , and one protection service for accidental damage every 12 months, including man-made water entry, accidental damage to the wire by pets, etc., each time a service fee (HK$1299 for the replacement of the base plate, damage to the power supply and connection line Is HK$350).

Join FlightMusicCare+ Service plan, during the maintenance period, provide you with Standard substitute piano. Even if the parts ordering takes time or the project is time-consuming, buy FlightMusicCare+ customers can also maintain piano practice without being affected. The standard substitute piano is Yamaha P125 or a digital piano of the same model.

FlightMusicCare+ The service plan includes the service of picking up the piano and sending the piano again.

You can also choose to solve more than 70% of the problems through telephone or video technical support.

FlightMusicCare+ only pays 8.5% of the piano price.

Take Roland FP-30 as an example, the price of $5988 is only $508.

The shipping fee for repairs between workshops alone has exceeded $700.

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