All-round maintenance plan FLight Music Care +


HK$170.00  HK$3,100.00

Flying music goods come with a yearLimited assurance(Non-human damage)And free technical support for the 90th day.

To extend the surprise period, you can purchase the FLightMusicCare + all-round service plan while purchasing the new product.

Join the FLightMusicCare + service plan, extend the guarantee period to you buyService planAfter two years, you can enjoy an unexpected damage every 12 months, including people into water, pet unexpected damage wire, etc., each charge (replace the bottom plate HK $ 1299, power supply and cable damage to HK) $ 350).

Join FlightMusiccare +Service plan, to provide you during repairStandard accommodation piano. Even if the part is ordered, or when the project is consumedFlightmusiccare + customers can also maintain the piano, not affected.Standard accompanying the piano of Yamaha P125 or the same model number.

Flightmusiccare +Service plans have included the door harvest, and send the piano again.

You can also first choose to support through calls or video technology, and solve more than 70% of problems.

FlightMusiccare + only 8.5% of the checkered price.

Take the Roland FP-30 as an example, $ 5988, only $ 508.

Since its inquiry, it has been charged and charged, and the charge has exceeded $ 700.

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