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Herido SP-DUS215 Pro line array system, dual 10-inch full-range, dual 15-inch subwoofers

Herido SP-DUS215 Pro line array system, dual 10-inch full-range, dual 15-inch subwoofers

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SP-DXS210 and SP-DUS215 professional line array sound systems

The SP-DXS210 line array full-range speakers and SP-DUS215 subwoofer produced by Guangzhou Beyond Audio Co., Ltd. are suitable for large and medium-sized performance venues, music plazas, cinemas, theaters, bars and other occasions requiring high-quality sound. The two speakers jointly provide excellent sound quality and sound field effects, ensuring distortion-free sound wave transmission, strong directivity, and uniform sound field.

SP-DXS210 speaker features:

  • Dual 10-inch full-range speakers with high-efficiency neodymium magnetic compression drivers.
  • DOSC waveguide technology provides high output sound pressure and high-quality linear sound.
  • The vertical directivity is as narrow as 8°, effectively covering the audience area and keeping the sound pressure level changes small.
  • The sound quality is clear, the resolution is high, and the vocals are harmonious with the background music.
  • The material is sturdy, 18mm birch wood shape, wear-resistant and waterproof.

SP-DUS215 subwoofer features:

  • Dual 15-inch subwoofer units provide powerful and clear low-frequency performance.
  • High power endurance, suitable for long-term maximum power playback.
  • Optimized audio response ensures deep and powerful bass.

Application scenarios:

  • Individually configured or stacked in a heart shape.
  • Suitable for nightclubs, bars, restaurants and other entertainment venues.
  • Suitable for theaters, cultural venues, stadiums and other public places.
  • Suitable for religious and conference venues such as churches, auditoriums, and conference centers.
  • Professional sound, live performance, audio-visual conference system, etc.

Specification summary:

  • Model: SP-DXS210 (full range) / SP-DUS215 (subwoofer).
  • Unit configuration: dual 10'' full-range units/dual 15'' subwoofer units.
  • Frequency range: 50Hz-20KHz (full frequency)/50Hz-550Hz (subwoofer).
  • Sensitivity: LF: 98dB, HF: 113dB (full frequency) / 99dB (subwoofer).
  • Impedance: 8-16 Ω (full range) / 4 Ω (subwoofer).
Specification items SP-DXS210 Line Array Full Range Speaker SP-DUS215 subwoofer
speaker driver unit Dual 10-inch line array full frequency range Dual 15-inch subwoofers
Frequency Range 50Hz-20KHz 50Hz-550Hz
Frequency response 70Hz-19KHz 45Hz-550Hz
Sensitivity LF: 98dB, HF: 113dB 99dB
Rated impedance 8-16 ohms 4 ohms
Peak maximum sound pressure level 135dB 130dB
Rated power (continuous/program/peak) 700W/1000W/1600W 1000W/1500W/2000W
Spread angle Horizontal 100°, vertical -10° /
low frequency driver 2 x 10'' 75mm voice coil 2 x 15'' subwoofer 115mm voice coil
High frequency driver Sony Alloy 1 x 3'' 75mm voice coil /
Cabinet material 18mm birch molded
surface treatment Environmentally friendly black paint, anti-slip and friction-resistant, durable and waterproof
color Black or ODM customized
Lifting point / /
Dimensions (height x width x depth) 320x580x395mm 645x580x765mm
net weight 22kg 56kg
Reference application range Theaters, auditoriums, multi-purpose halls, conference centers, small to medium-sized outdoor/indoor stage performances, etc.
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