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Herido SP-LAX208 dual 8-inch, professional sound line array system, subwoofer

Herido SP-LAX208 dual 8-inch, professional sound line array system, subwoofer

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Product Description:

Scope of application: large and medium-sized performances, music squares, cinemas, theaters, bars and places with very high sound requirements. The SP-LAX208 modular line array source provides ultimate flexibility for any sound design, with optional low-frequency extension. This active, two-way, compact, enclosed cabinet delivers excellent dispersion and smooth, wide horizontal directivity.

When used alone, the SP-LAX208 is ideal for enhancing speech and vocal programs. When paired with the SP-SUX18 woofer, the SP-LAX208 delivers full-range performance capable of reproducing high-impact low frequencies for the most dynamic concert situations.

Simple mounting and color customization of the fixed-mount version enable the SP-LAX208 to blend discreetly into any installation requiring architectural discretion.

▪ Compact and lightweight design, complying with ceiling and line of sight restrictions ▪ High output sound pressure and high-quality straight-line sound ▪ Excellent audio effect between bass and treble, vocals are harmonious with background music ▪ Extended low-frequency resources to meet the requirements from flat to Moderate sound quality needs ▪ High-frequency driver starts smoothly from 1K-20KHz, not uncomfortable when close to the speaker ▪ Powerful, the woofer and subwoofer sound is clear and powerful, not muddy ▪ Durable high power, suitable for long periods of time Play at maximum power, with advanced system drive and protection functions ▪ Perfect original tone, which can also be adjusted according to different uses and performances ▪ Speaker drive unit: dual 8'' high-quality woofer and 3'' neodymium magnet tweeter ▪ 110° horizontal directivity suitable for distributed applications, fill and center

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