HXM HD-006E Electronic Drum


HK$4,988.00  HK$5,988.00

HXM HD-006E The best choice for entry-level advanced electronic drum snare drum edge sensing function

20 built-in drum kits to choose from a variety of performance styles
184 kinds of tones, 50 built-in songs, volume control, sound source element diversity, suitable for home/school/church or performance use. You can connect electronic drum speakers or put on headphones to enjoy your own percussion world.

Product Specifications Brand: HXM
•Tom Tom: 8 inches * 3 • Snare drum: 8 inches * 1 (with rim sensor and double strike effect)
• Crash: 12 inches * 1 (with grab cymbal silencer function)
•Ride: 12 inches*1 •HiHat: 8 inches*1 (with pedal)
• Bass drum: 6 inches * 1 (with pedal)
•Other accessories (1): HD-006 audio generator •Other accessories (2): Power supply •Other accessories (3): Manual •Other accessories (4): Installation tools • Other accessories (5): A set of drum sticks •Other accessories (six): electronic drum stand

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