IBANEZ V-72 Steel Wire Wooden Guitar

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HK$1,388.00  HK$1,988.00

Brand: Ibanez

Box material classification: plywood

Color classification: V72 folk guitar

Panel material: spruce

Fingerboard material: rosewood

Back and side panel material: Mahogany

Grade: 24

Winder: closed knob

Ibanez is a classic guitar brand, even the small parts are made very finely, and it is still the darling of guitarists in the rock industry until now.

The practicality of the Ibanez guitar and its applicability to various types of music are one of the reasons why it is popular.

The international brand Ibanez V72 folk guitar manufacturer makes the piano craftsmanship, the treble is bright and sweet, and the bass is bright and sweet.

The area is strong and solid, which is the best choice for beginners! !

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