(Hot Sale) Mic + Speaker + Bluetooth 3 in 1 Mobile Karaoke Microphone

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HK$788.00  HK$1,580.00

Color: Champagne Gold/ Rose Gold

Application: Any mobile phone/tablet with Bluetooth function

Connect the mobile phone directly with Bluetooth, the microphone is combined with the speaker, and there is no need to connect the speaker or sound for singing.

This new design is much more convenient and simple, and you can also directly use YOUTUBE to find songs and sing

Human voice volume adjustment on the microphone host. Echo adjustment. Power switch

Product appearance: The appearance of aluminum-magnesium alloy is exquisite and the whole texture is a big plus

Inner to advanced chip is the British MTE chip technology, the world's leading audio innovation solution leader

Intensively build wind and noise resistance, 5.1 channels support stereo, echo effect is similar to KTV, super three-dimensional

Very light weight and easy to carry, both Apple and Android systems support

Product instructions: {How to charge}: When the battery voltage is too low, the product will automatically shut down,

Please take out our attached USB charging cable to connect to the USB port of the standard mobile phone charger

At this time, the red light below the power button lights up, indicating that it is charging

Normal charging for 2 hours, the red light will automatically go out after charging, the normal continuous use time, the charging time is 3-5 hours

{How to sing wirelessly}

1 Turn on the power: blue light on = normal condition

2Bluetooth connection: turn on the bluetooth of the mobile phone and scan,

Search for "TUXUN-K068" and pair and connect, and you can hear a sound in the microphone after connecting (if the pairing process requires a password, please enter 0000)

3Play music: open the mobile music player, or YOUTUBE, play the song you want to sing, start playing, and adjust the accompaniment volume through the mobile phone.

4 Adjust the vocal: adjust the microphone vocal/volume or echo intensity to a suitable position to start singing

Remarks: After the phone is connected to the microphone once, the Bluetooth will have memory function. The microphone will connect by itself after turning on~ (the phone needs to turn on the Bluetooth at the same time) Turn off the Bluetooth of the phone, and the connection will be automatically closed

※The color of the product image file will be slightly different due to the difference in computer screen settings. The actual product color shall prevail.

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