Kawai ca-17 (CA-15 upgrade) digital piano


HK$12,980.00  HK$20,880.00

Keyboard: 88 keysWooden keyboard imitates Ivory keyboardSingle key sound source sampling

String beating system: RM3 grand II action with Let-Off and Triple Sensor

Sound source sampling: hi-xl sound source sk-ex / ex grand

Timbre number: 19

Maximum number of simultaneous sounds: 192

Recording: 3 tracks (about 15000 tones)

Demonstration performance:48 pieces and 88 pieces of classical piano music
Teaching function / 126 by Bayer, 25 by bouguermaire and 30 by Cherney
181 in total

Other functions: touch key adjustment, four hand continuous play, tuning

Connection function: headphone jack x2 MIDI in / out USB to host connection i-pad

Pedal: 3 (soft, semitone, extended)

Horn:13 cm x 2 (full range), 5 cm x 2 (high frequency)

Output: 20W x 2

Size: 137 (W) x46.3 (d) x89.7 (H) cm

Weight: 59kg   

Additional accessories

one Kawai original transformer

two Kawai original music board

three Kawai original wooden stand

four Kawai original piano chair

six Kawai original pedal (sustain. Specific sustain. Soft tone)

seven instructions

eight guarantee

nine Original earphone

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