Kawai CA33 (CA30 New Edition) Wooden Key Digital Piano


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Outstanding work beyond the field of digital piano-KAWAI CA33

Recommended models for CA series digital pianos

The new CA33 is the latest model of KAWAI’s acclaimed CA series of digital pianos. The features and functions of many high-end models are reflected in this compact digital piano.
Height 900mm / Width 1380mm / Depth 460mm / Weight 72kg

Kawai CA30 Digital Piano

Featured fine wooden keyboard action

CA33 uses the RM3 GRAND II wooden keyboard action, which combines its genuine materials, running power and mechanical performance to create the extraordinary touch of a high-quality concert grand piano.

Kawai CA30 Digital Piano

The RM3 GRAND II wooden keyboard action is also equipped with a brand-new triple sensor system to make the performance more realistic. The triple sensor effectively increases the keyboard's polyphonic speed, gradually "layering" the sound quality of a single tone to avoid the disappearance of the previous melody.

Kawai CA30 Digital Piano

Not only that, the RM3 GRAND II wooden keyboard action also reproduces the LET-OFF characteristic acoustic piano keyboard movement principle. This kind of top touch feeling can only be brought to you with a grand piano in a concert, and now you can also experience this subtle "ups and downs" on the CA30.

Imitated like a tooth keyboard, giving you "coolness" at your fingertips

The exquisite CA30 uses KAWAI's famous ivory touch keyboard. This material with excellent hand feeling gently absorbs the sweat and grease from the fingertips, and achieves the effect of assisting playing, so that every sound can be expressed naturally, smoothly and without abruptness. It is second to none in the field of digital pianos. .

The 88 black and white keys are also made with careful craftsmanship. All materials are made of high-quality solid wood, and the pivots are smoothly bolted to the fulcrum nails in the same "interactive" direction. The keys are graded from bass to treble, further enhancing the realism of touch keys.

The sound of the grand piano is perfectly presented

The sound source of CA30 comes from the flagship concert grand piano SK-EX. In order to present the most perfect piano expression, SK-EX carefully selects the sound board wood and conducts it through a handmade production line called "Original Engineering". produce. The new super-reactive action used in the piano brings a more efficient combo performance and a more stable touch to the piano. The delicate and soft soft sound effect and the thick extended sound effect can be described as the difference between the pianist and the listener. Excellent communication bridge.

In order to be able to show the most perfect sound, CA30 recorded and meticulously analyzed the 88 keys of this world-class piano, and accurately reproduced its high-fidelity waveforms. At the same time, this method is used to keep each key of the EX grand piano's rich and harmonious quality, ensuring that every wooden key played by the "player" can truly reproduce the extraordinary sound quality of the sound source.

Using advanced ultra-long sampling memory, CA30 is further improved on the basis of the unique harmonic imaging technology of KAWAI digital piano. Its harmonic imaging XL standard extends the most important part of piano sound to 120%, and expresses each sound more clearly. The resonance characteristics and natural details of the notes enhance the sound quality of the instrument.

In order to truly reproduce the sound of the grand piano used in KAWAI EX concerts, CA30 adopts a high-fidelity speaker system, specially designed to achieve deep and deep bass and crisp and sweet high frequency.

In CA30, you can also deeply experience its exclusive spatial sound effect technology. The six reverb effects will bring you real and deep instrument sounds. Players can choose three different sound settings to adjust the sound spatial positioning, but also help reduce the auditory fatigue of long-term performance.

Possess a large-scale grand piano production process pedal

CA30 adopts KAWAI's new GRAND FEEL pedal system, which accurately replicates the single-chip weight of the shock pedal, soft pedal and sustain pedal of the grand piano used in KAWAI EX concerts.

Practical teaching function

In addition to the usual recording and accompaniment functions of digital pianos, CA30 also has a wealth of built-in tutorial music, allowing players to learn and practice through the selection of Bourgmuller etudes or selected popular Czerny tutorial music . Each etude can be practiced with left and right hands separately. The built-in metronome and adjustable speed control can effectively help you better master the rhythm and rhythm.


・Compact GF keyboard (Grand Feel Compact A ction)

-88 keys

-Step-by-step counterweight

-Balance weight lead block

-Imitation ivory material keyboard surface

-Three-contact sensor detection system


・ Grand piano pedal system

-Sustain pedal

-Soft pedal

-Hold pedal

Piano tone

・ Gradual harmonic imaging source (PHI)

-Full 88-key stereo sampling

-EX Grand Piano Sampling

-192 polyphony

Piano resonance

-Damping resonance

Number of preset tones

19 types


6 types


Other effects



13 cm x 2 + 5cm x 2

Soundboard speakers

Output Power

18W x 2 + 10W

Display screen


Keyboard cover


Music Stand


physical dimension


138 cm


46 cm


90 cm (not including music stand)


72 kg

Optional appearance color

High-grade sandalwood (CA33R)

basic functions

Tone stacking

Keyboard split



Built-in music

Tone Demonstration

11 songs

Piano piece

29 songs

Magic concert


Tutorial Etude

Burgmuller 25 Songs

Czerny 30 Songs

MIDI recording

Recording capacity

About 15,000 notes

Number of Songs

3 songs


1 part


Time signature

1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 3/8, 6/8

Drum rhythm


Bluetooth function*

Bluetooth (Ver. 4.1; GATT compatible)

Compliant with Bluetooth Low Energy MIDI specification

USB audio recording



Other functions



Headphone jack

1 x 1/4", 1 x 1/8" stereo jack

MIDI interface


Audio output interface


Audio input interface


USB to Host interface


USB to Device interface


Other interfaces


Power consumption

30 W

power supply

power cable

AC power adapter

Piano bench



Headphone hook

Sheet music


other attachments

Warranty Card*


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