Kawai CA98 CA-98 Digital Piano


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The CA series surpasses the pinnacle of the digital piano field

It's like the shock of a performance piano coming to the house!

Kahe Digital Piano-CA-98

Kahe Digital Piano-CA-98

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Seven characteristics

(1) Adopt the most authentic natural wooden keyboard Grand Feel·Action II

(2) Real and beautiful sound <br>All 88-key piano sounds are all sampled by Kawai's most advanced performance piano SK&EX, Kawai's proprietary (Harmonic Imagin XL) sound source, and the maximum number of sounds is 256.
(3) Top audio technology, developed in cooperation with ONKYO, Japan
(4) TWIN DRIVE castanets speaker system
(5) Large 5-inch color LCD touch screen, easy to operate
(6) Wireless Bluetooth connection function <br>With Bluetooth MIDI wireless connection, a variety of APP applications can be used more widely and conveniently.
(7) USB Device device function <br>There is a USB device connection hole, and the recorded songs can be transferred to the flash drive at any time.

Nine characteristics of goods
【Feature One】 The touch of a flat piano, an irreplaceable artwork
Kawai's new model CA-98 was officially launched, this surpassing the pinnacle of the digital piano field, just like the shock of a performance piano coming to the house. It has the most distinctive natural wood keyboard in Kahe, with touch keys and timbre similar to a traditional flat piano. The white keys of the Grand Feel·Action II stringing system are handmade products of natural wood. The weight and touch of each key are as precise and sensitive as a traditional piano. Each set of hammers has an appropriate weight, consistent coordination from the bass to the treble, and maintains the stability and balance of the touch keys, which truly satisfies the unique and discerning performer.
【Feature Two】 With the beautiful sound of a flat piano
The piano sound of CA-98 is the beautiful sound of the SK-EX and EX performance pianos used in the Kawai International Piano Competition. This is the most sophisticated piano in Kawai. Let the performers choose their favorite piano sound as they like, and give full play to their superb acting skills.
【Feature Three】 Top audio technology
CA-98's audio technology is provided by ONKYO, Japan's top high-end audio manufacturer, and it is also the industry's first product developed in cooperation with high-end audio brands. 1-Bit processing, dual DAC signal conversion, ONKYO DIDRC filtering cutting-edge technology, optimized power amplifier to reproduce the sound of Shigeru Kawai grand piano. Amazing clarity, rich sound and shock, with the best listening experience.
【Feature Four】 TWIN DRIVE castanets speaker system
CA-98 adopts the newly developed castanets system to strengthen the expressive power of ONKYO speakers. ONKYO has developed an improved main vibrator to provide greater power and volume. The auxiliary transducer is installed on the treble end of the piano, which helps to further diffuse the audio range generated by the soundboard, avoiding the mid-to-high range from being covered by the low-frequency, so that the low, mid and high frequencies can be presented evenly and clearly. The TWIN DRIVE castanets speaker system expands the frequency and volume of resonance, creating an extremely realistic playing experience.
【Feature Five】 USB connection function
CA-98 supports USB flash drives, you can record and save directly to the USB to become MP3 or WAV files; you can also put your favorite MIDI or MP3 files in the flash drive, through the high-quality sound source and speakers of CA-98 Play.
[Feature 6]

Wireless Bluetooth connection function
CA-98 has Bluetooth and Audio technology, which enables the piano to connect wirelessly with supported smart devices. After pairing with a mobile phone, tablet or laptop, you can connect to use various music-related apps; after pairing, you can also play music on the phone or tablet through the CA-98 advanced audio system.

[Feature 7] Functions of Virtual Tuning Technician
19 kinds of structures to reproduce the various sounds of the piano. When using the voice assist mode and sound preview, you can listen to the changes in the piano sound; adjust the tone according to your own preferences, and you will feel like a tuner through the wireless Bluetooth function It is more convenient to use.
[Feature 8] Headphones with spatial sound "Pedals close to a flat piano" CA-98 strengthens and improves the earphone function. The Spatial Headphone Sound (SHS mode) earphone with spatial sound enhances the depth and realism, makes the sound of the earphone have a sense of space and reduces auditory fatigue.
[Feature 9] Other more practical and new functions
"The Pedal Close to a Flat Piano" The pedal weight of CA-98 is similar to that of a flat piano, realizing the highest level of operating feeling of a digital piano. Damper Pedal also corresponds to the Soft Padel, which can increase or decrease the sound extension. The entire foot pedal system creates a playing feeling close to a flat piano.
"Practical Teaching Function" CA-98 has built-in special and practical teaching functions such as Bourg Maitreya, Cherny and Bayer, etc., to help students learn classical music. They can practice with left and right hands separately, and can also adjust the speed or practice repeatedly.
"Extended Spectrum Panel" The extended score panel can adapt to the score of a longer track. The spectrum panel has a six-segment angle for adjustment.

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