Kawai CL26 III Digital Piano


HK$6,488.00  HK$7,588.00

keyboard 88keyboard
Progressive thumping mechanism keyboard (AHA IV –F Action
Key strength Light, medium, heavy, fixed
The number of simultaneous pronunciations 96
timbre 8kind of tone
Grand piano, grand piano, electric piano, church organ,
Feather key piano, electric tremor piano, string music, ensemble
Playing style Dual-tone playing
effect 3kind of reverb
Built-in music 48head
Concert magic 40head
metronome 6Different types of shots (1/42/43/44/45/46/8
Speed range:10-300clap/divide
pedal delay pedal (supports half pedal), soft pedal,
Keep the sound pedal
Shift Yes
The tuning curve 1
tuning Yes
socket Headphones 2
loudspeaker 12cm8)2
Output power 15W2
size 1278W)267W)770Hmm
weight 30.5kg

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