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KAWAI CN201 Digital Piano

KAWAI CN201 Digital Piano

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KAWAI CN-201 Digital Piano

■ Improved Responsive Hammer III keyboard actions
■ Ivory Touch keypad, triple sensor, let-off, counterweight
■ 88-key sampled progressive harmonic imaging sound
■ Shigeru Kawai SK-EX and Kawai EX concert grand piano sounds
■ High-quality audio processing and amplification hardware

■ Integrated Bluetooth® MIDI and audio wireless technology
■ Built-in classical etudes and Alfred textbook
■ Spatial headset sound for enhanced depth and realism
■ Cheekblock control panel with high-resolution OLED display
■ Attractive, modern cabinet available in three wood finishes



Experience music together.

Kawai's newest CN series digital pianos offer a lifelike full-size keyboard, beautiful grand piano sounds, and a headphone jack for silent practice any time of the day. These affordable instruments also offer a variety of inspiring features for everyone in the family, and come in attractive cabinet designs that complement any room. New CN series from Kawai - Experience music together.


to touch


The Touch of a Grand Piano:
Responsive Hammer III keyboard actions

The CN201's acclaimed Responsive Hammer III keyboard action has been developed to reproduce the touch of playing a Kawai grand piano. Each key is realistically weighted (ie slightly heavier in the lower register and lighter in the upper register) using "graded" metal hammers, just like an acoustic piano. These weights also allow the released key to return to its original position without the assistance of a spring, resulting in a smooth, natural playing experience.


RHIII keyboard actions

#1Ivory touch keys#2counterweight#3triple sensor
#4Delivery mechanism#5counterweight hammer#6key pivot point


The action chassis is made of reinforced material to ensure that the keyboard remains rigid and stable when played hard. Additionally, a series of felt-lined rubber pads absorb the energy of key and hammer movement, helping to reduce unwanted "pop" noise and earning the RHIII the reputation as one of the quietest digital piano keyboards on the market.

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