Kawai CN29 (new version of CN27) digital piano


HK$10,800.00  HK$19,880.00

Four characteristics of commodities
(1) Adopt the third-generation highly sensitive artificial ivory keyboard (RH III keyboard action)
Artificial ivory keyboard, three sensors/keys, small touch key device, keyboard weight device
(2) Real and beautiful sound <br>All 88-key piano sounds are sampled by Kawai Qinwang EX performance piano, Kawai's proprietary PHI sound source, and the maximum number of sounds is 192.
(3) The operation is simpler and easier. <br>Tone selection has the auxiliary function of voice
(4) Virtual technician function <br>There are 8 kinds of functions that can be set for various tone adjustment, tuning, etc.
Five characteristics of goods
【Feature One】 The touch of a flat piano

In addition to the let-off feel effect of the CN-29 keyboard, a weight device is added to each key. When you play hard, your fingers will feel the resistance of the playing force. When you play softly, your fingers will Feel the keyboard quickly drop and click. Not only touch the keys, but the volume and timbre have a "brilliant sound" when you play hard; there are rich changes such as a "gentle sound" when you lightly touch the key. This is because the weight of the bass and treble hammers is different, and the keyboard touch keys have different effects in the low, mid, and high frequencies. The effect of the 3 sensors is to press the keyboard, and the sound will not be interrupted if the finger is played up and down without leaving the middle of the way.
【Feature Two】 The beautiful sound of a flat piano

CN-29's piano tone is from the exquisite piano sound of the Kawai International Piano Competition-EX piano. All 88 keys are sampled with one key and one key, and the sound quality is the most vivid and beautiful.
CN-25 is equipped with 8 piano tones, allowing players to choose their favorite piano tones at will, and give full play to their superb acting skills.
【Feature Three】 Operation is simpler and easier to understand

The operation of CN-29 is easier and more user-friendly. For example, when selecting a tone, press the tone select button (sondselect) with the left hand and the key with the right hand to select the tone. When pressed, the tone will have Do Mi Sol Do arpeggios, and the voice ( (English) The name of the tone, you don't need to read the manual for comparison, the operation is very convenient and easy to understand.
【Feature Four】 Functions of Virtual Tuning Technician

CN-29 reproduces the structure of various piano sounds. When using the voice assist mode and sound preview, you can listen to the changes in the piano sound; adjust the tone according to your own preferences, and you will feel like a tuner.
【Feature Five】 Other more practical and new functions

The appearance of the outer box CN-29 is similar to that of Kahe traditional piano K series, elegant and high-grade. The roots of the house, the pillars of the shed, and the soil platform are all made of wood, which maintains the consistency and stability of the overall material.

Flat foot pedal feeling piano pedals, metallic construction materials, and GP pedals weight and produce exactly the same weight. In addition, the rightmost pedal not only has the function of extending the sound, but also can produce a soft sound or a strong sound direction depending on the lightness of the pedal.

Spectrum Spectrum panel 3 panel to adjust the angle, height of a player's different visual, adjusted to the most appropriate angle depending on the spectrum.

CN-29 Specification Sheet
Kahe (RM3 III) third-generation high-sensitivity artificial ivory keyboard
Sound source Harmonic imaging technology, full 88 key sampling
19 types
Maximum number of simultaneous voices
Up to 192 tones
Room, small concert hall, big concert hall, live scene, closed
3 songs on 1 track (approximately 10,000 notes)
Teaching function
Bourg Maitreya × 25 songs by Cherny × 30 songs by Bayer
1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 3/8, 6/8, (volume/speed available)
Keyboard mode
15 timbre demo songs
Keyboard function
Double overlap mode, keyboard split
Demonstration song
19 songs
Magic Orchestra
40 songs
Other functions
Reverb, touch key, tuning, transpose, automatic shutdown
MIDI function
Transmit MIDI program change, MIDI channel USB (to Host)
Sustain pedal (half pedal), soft tone, specific extension tone
Jack MIDI input/output, pedal, headphone jack×2
12cm × 2
Output Power
20W × 2
Rosewood (dark coffee)
specification W1356 × D401 × H858 mm
weight 40.0kg

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