Kawai CN29 (new version of CN27) digital piano


HK$10,800.00  HK$19,880.00

The four main features of the product
(1) Using a third-generation highly sensitive artificial ivory keyboard (RH III keyboard action)
Artificial ivory keyboard, three sensors/keys, small touch device, keyboard weight device
(2) A true and beautiful tone
All 88 key piano tones are sampled by Heheqin King EX playing piano, Hehehe proprietary PHI source, while the maximum number of sounds 192
(3) It's easier to operate
Tone selection has voice accessibility
(4) Virtual Technician function
There are 8 kinds of can set a variety of tone adjustment, tuning and other functions
Five characteristics of the commodity
Feature One The touch of a flat piano

CN-29 keyboard in addition to the effect of small touch keys (let-off feel), each key inside the addition of weight device, when playing hard fingers will really feel the resistance of the playing force, gentle play, the fingers will feel the keyboard quickly fall and crackling. It's not just the touch, the volume and tone have a "brilliant sound" when playing hard, and there are rich variations such as "moderate sound" when you touch the key gently. This is because the bass is not the same weight as the treble hammer, the keyboard touch keys low in the treble has a different effect. The effect of the 3 sensors is to press the keyboard, and the sound does not break if the finger does not leave midway up and down.
Feature II The beautiful tone of a flat piano

CN-29 piano tone is from the Hehe International Piano Competition with the piano - EX playing the beautiful piano tone, all 88 keys are one-click sampling, the sound quality is the most realistic and wonderful.
The CN-25 is equipped with 8 piano tones, allowing players to choose their favorite piano sounds as they please and enjoy their superb acting skills.
Feature III It's easier to understand

The operation of CN-29 is easier and more user-friendly, for example, when selecting a tone, the left hand press the tone selection button (sondselect) right hand button to select the tone, when pressed, the tone will have Do Mi Sol Do arpeggio appear, while using the voice (English) the tone name, do not often have to go through the instruction manual to control, the operation is very convenient and easy to understand.
Feature IV The function of a virtual tuning technician

The CN-29 reproduces the construction of various sounds on the piano, listening to changes in the piano's sound while using voice-assisted modes and sound previews, and adjusting to its preferred tone will make it feel like a 'tuner'.
Features V Other, more practical and new features

The outer box The CN-29 looks similar to the Hehe traditional piano K series, elegant and advanced. The roots of the house, the shed column, the wife earthen platform are all wooden materials, to maintain the consistency and stability of the whole material.

Foot pedals The flat piano feels like a pedal, a metal construction, the same weight as a GP pedal, and produces exactly the same weight. In addition, the far right pedal in addition to the role of extended sound, depending on the light condition of the lower pedal can produce a soft sound, or make a strong sound direction.

Spectrum panel The spectrum panel has 3 adjustment angles, which can be adjusted to the most suitable angle for the spectrum, depending on the height of the performer.


CN-29 specification sheet
Hehehe (RM3 III) 3rd generation high sensitivity artificial ivory keyboard
The source of the sound Harmonic imaging technology, full 88-key sampling
19 kinds
Maximum number of sounds at the same time
Maximum 192 tones
Rooms, small concert halls, large concert halls, live, closed
1 track 3 (about 10,000 tones)
Teaching functions
Burgmere × 25 Cherny × 30 Byers
1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 3/8, 6/8, (volume/speed available)
Keyboard mode
15 songs of the sound demonstration
Keyboard features
Double overlapping sound mode, keyboard split
Demonstration songs
Magic Orchestra
40 songs
Other features
Reverb, touch keys, tuning, shifting, automatic shutdown
MIDI functionality
Send MIDI program transformation, MIDI channel USB (to Host)
Extended pedal (half-press pedal), soft tone, specific extension tone
socket MIDI input/output, pedal, headphone hole×2
12cm × 2
Output power
20W × 2
Rosewood (dark coffee)
specification W1356 × D401 × H858 mm
weight 40.0kg


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