Kawai ES-8 (ES-7 replacement version) digital piano


HK$13,980.00  HK$19,880.00

The original product does not include the piano stand, the picture is for reference

Add HM-4U tripod pedal for $1180

Add F-301 xylophone stand for $1180

Purchase two additional accessories at the same time $ 1980

Profound piano making experience can be said to be a miracle of creating sound again for the new ES8 model.
It is not without reason that KAWAI has always maintained a strong market share in many piano markets.
The touch of the keys, the sound, and the features of the ES8 all made him a great choice for 2016.
Whether you are performing on stage, practicing, accompaniment in church or teaching in school, the new ES8
Portable electric pianos have become the best choice. Multifunctional and powerful sound technology, even the appearance
All of the above will make your playing technique sound to a higher level.

For sound and overall appearance and texture, it can be said to be the top technical design, the best choice for the same price level
The weight of the keys is also closer to the traditional piano playing, and beginners can also learn completely and correctly.
Reduce the trouble of playing adaptation.

The main function:
Harmonic Imaging XL™ Sound Technology with 88-Note Piano Sampling
RHIII Graded-Hammer Action
34 Excellent sound selection function switching
USB Digital Audio-Play / Rec WAV and MP3 Files
100 kinds of rhythm switching options
256 maximum number of voices
Powerful Built-in Speaker System
Ivory keys
The piano stand is an optional product and the original factory does not include

This product specification brand KAWAI

Model ES8
Origin Indonesia size 136 * 36 * 15 cm

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