Discontinued KORG B1SP digital piano



KORG B1 and B1SP are the latest entry-level digital pianos to be released, both in a spin-off design where users can choose between a wooden frame or a detachable X-frame.

Of whichKORG B1SP is a parity version that is more popular than KORG B1.

The B1 is a piano-focused electric steel with eight built-in tones, including two piano tones, a plucked-string harpsichord, and two organ tones.

To achieve a deep, rich piano tone, the B1 electric steel uses KORG's MFB technology, using a pair of fully frequency-responsive speakers that cover the entire body from left to right:

KORG B1 digital piano, available in white and black:

Innovative technologies have raised low frequencies accordingly in all directions.
To obtain a deep, rich piano tone, the B 1 electric steel uses KORG's MFB technology - a pair of full frequency responsive speakers plus passive radiators.
KORG B1, like other electric steels, uses sampling techniques (multiple digital recordings) to display acoustic piano sounds.
Two electric steel timbres, one plucked harpsichord and two pipe organ timbres.

B1SP is an entry model for beginners, standing with three pedals.
Concert Serie is a new line of KORG Electric Steel B1SP all basic features and three pedals.Sound, touch, and design are the three most important parts of choosing a piano, B1SP the three pedals allow you to enjoy the perfect playing technique.
Superior quality and the right price make KORG B1 steel the right choice for all piano users. Streamlined design gives you an extraordinary experience, real keyboard touch, excellent sound and super easy access.
Colors: Black, White
Keyboard: 88 keys, NH keyboard
Dimensions: 1312 mm x 336 mm x 750 mm/51.65 "x 13.23" x 29.53 "(excl. frames)
Weight: 21 KG/46.30 Ibs. (excl. pedestals)
Packaging: AC Adapter, Scaffold

B1 and B1SP are available for the winter of 2016,
KORG B1 Feiteng Music Price:$5988 Includes detachable x-frame, original footsteps
KORG B1SPThe sale price was not announced.

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